Paul Revered

Paul Andre Salas is having his Bench Body moment this summer! It looks like the 21-year-old actor, who’s been in the sidelines for long before finally getting noticed by the big bosses at the underwear company, is getting more popular now. Sex sells, and Paul Andre is giving all that he’s got!

The Return of the Speedo

Actor-triathlete Matteo Guidicelli is bringing sexy back, with his Speedo-wearing turn in the pool (and social media photo-op).  I am elated because Matteo gets to reveal more skin while doing what he loves best.  I can write more exulting in this image, but I’ll let his swimsuit (and what’s packed in them) speak for themselves.



One of the newer actors who might just make it big next year is Mark Neumann. I  would like to think I’m good at predictions now after that Enrique-Alden-JM bit, and my bet’s on this actor from the other pond, TV5.  He’s cute and charming and good in his craft. In February 2016 he’ll be appearing in this small movie called Ang Taba Ko Kasi (loosely translated: I’m such a lard-ass!), an entry in the CineFilipino 2016 Film Festival.

Speedo guy

jay gonzaga1Because it is a good time for the sexy Speedo post, here is actor Jay Gonzaga in dem trunks! I thought Speedo has already discarded the old-style briefs and swimming trunks in favor of the un-sexy bodyskins and jammers that professional swimmers are using. It’s a good thing Jay kept his tiny Speedos, there’s only so much he can hide from the world, right?



Now this is tough: If you were to choose between Luke Jickain and Vin Abrenica, who would it be and why? Older or younger? The mestizo one, or the moreno guy? Large pink areolae or small dark nips?
How about between James Zablan and Sam Ajdanii? Hard model bodies with interesting faces. One’s in the industry for long already – say, ten years or more, and he’s still getting good projects on the runways. The other’s fairly new and sought-after.  Take your pick.

Speedo Boys

Hail hail the boys are here! The Speedo is alive and the boys are wearing them! At last night’s fashion show for the top swimwear brand, sexy veteran models walked on stage in tight nylon lycra to the delight of the audience. Back stage, the half-nekkid boys pose for the group shot: from left, Marx Topacio, James Zablan, June Macasaet, Derick Hubalde, unknown guy, and Rendon Labador.