And so little-known actor Prince Clemente from GMA-7 drops trou and hopes to get noticed. Sex sells, and skimpy underwear gets attention. Prince has been in showbiz for a couple of years already and his latest shoot showing skin might just make it for him.

The Prince

Since it is Friday, it is sexy time for some relatively old photos. Today’s case study is a before-and-after feature of Prince Clemente, GMA’s up and coming youngish actor. He had to start small somewhere, on his way to the top. In his case, small bikinis and stuff.

JL be naked

john louie dizon

Remember Jay-L Dizon of Starstruck 3 fame? After his short-lived star turn in the 2009 indie flick I Luv Dreamguyz (yes, that’s the title), he’s making a re-appearance. This time he’s a bikini open contestant in the competition called B-Naked. Here’s the PR:

B-NAKED: THE ELITE SUPERMODEL QUEST searches for young male and female models on May 29, 2015 at SOLAIRE Grand Ballroom in Paranaque City. B-NAKED: THE ELITE SUPER MODEL QUEST is now officially announcing that it is ready to screen sexy, young, vibrant and daring applicants flaunt their sexiness without inhibitions and possesses the true meaning of being a model. A second go see will be held on April 9, 2015 , 1 to 6 PM at the Music 21, Timog Avenue, QC.  Cash prizes at stake:100k/ 50k/ 25k/15k/ 10k for the grand champion to the four runners up respectively.  The contest is open to all aspiring male and female models (Filipino / Foreigners) – with pleasing personalities. Aspirants should possess good moral character, 18 – 26 years old, be of minimum height for females is 5’3″, and for the males is 5′ 7″ For inquiries contact Overall Coordinator/Line Producer RC 09053595091 / Supervising Producer Leklek Tumalad 09274886886. Aspirants should also bring setcards and swimwear . 

Silent Sigh

Where did they go wrong? They are pretty boys, thrust to instant fame via a reality search. They had the machinery – PR, tv exposure, publicity – at their disposal. But where are they now? Did Prince Stefan [left] get waylaid to superstardom? What happened to Mike Tan, who must’ve tripped on his way to pop acceptance?


Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Vivo Ouno is gearing up for something. He’s been extra busy these days at the gym, bulking up and gaining some muscle. Is he starring in a new gay movie soon? Will he finally shed his Catholic schoolboy demeanor and do some stripping for the big screen?


The winner of our latest poll is Rocco Nacino, who topped with 55% of the total votes cast. Next in line is Enzo Pineda at 26%, and trailing far behind is Starstruck winner Steven Silva with 18%. It goes to show that there are many Rocco fans in here. I’m actually testing the poll feature in this site since I will be using it for some project soon. So, while the poll testing is ongoing, why don’t you suggest some topics that readers in this site can actively participate on?E.g. Do you really believe you-know-who is gay? Fantards unite!

Wet Boys

Let’s digress a little from the Brazilian model issues and go local. To finally determine who’s the hottest among the three Starstruck boys of GMA-7, you have to put in some votes for your ultimate choice in the poll above. Rabid fans of eventual winner Steven Silva [center] are sticking it out with their chinito idol. Others go for tall first runner-up Enzo Pineda [left], who’s starting to get noticed in the GMA backlot. Followers of dusky Rocco Nacino, who landed second runner-up, still insist that he should have won the competition – judging from the projects that he’s getting these days.

Cute Boys Three

Now these ones look nasty! Remember those porn flicks where barely legal boys romp around and suddenly hoist some cute guy above another guy waiting and .. Nah, it’s just me and my dirty mind. But these boys – Rocco, Enzo and Steven, all look cute and sexy these days. Summer really has a way of disrobing even the peachy-pleasant young men.

Enzo Dreams

Will Starstruck first runner-up Enzo Pineda make it big in showbiz? The tall [he stands 6′!] 19-year-old cutie was expected to top the reality show but he settled for the near-miss position. Nevertheless, he is hell bent in entering show business as an actor and performer, and many are placing their bets on this one. If only he could hire a good publicist and maybe, toughen up a bit [and avoid cutesy roles], then he will be on the right track to stardom.

Starstruck Boys!

The boys of summer are here! Enzo Pineda [left], Steven Silva [center] and Rocco Nacino are having a blast under the hot, hot sun and they all look cute and sexy. The boys are now busy with their shows on GMA 7 after topping the Starstruck contest a few weeks ago. After 23-year-old Steven unexpectedly won the grand prize, many are wondering whether he’ll succeed in showbiz better than Enzo [first ru] or Rocco [second ru]. Among the three boys, who is your pick?
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