Gino Facts

Now that Survivor has given him a shot at pop stardom, ex-commercial model and tv host Gino Dela Pena is entering showbiz with a bang. But what do we know about this guy who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, after his breakthrough McDonald’s Huling El Bimbo ad? Random facts from his bio would reveal that Gino’s 5’10” tall, 29 years old and a graduate of the Entrepreneur School of Asia in Libis, Quezon City. He lists himself as “entrepreneur, minister, model, host and actor” in his bio.


Don’t mind the photo. It’s rather dated, way back when nippo-brasileiro model Akihiro Sato was big in Bangkok. I’m just rooting for him to win this year’s edition of Survivor-Philippines. Probably the dirtiest and most exciting season ever, Survivor has nearly gutted and destroyed Aki’s showbiz dream – with scenes of heavy intrigue, backstabbing and calumny. But apparently, he’s coming on strong now. The live voting results will be broadcast this Friday on GMA-7 prime time.


It looks like sexy model Jon Hall is back in show business once again. The quintessential model for undergarments – sexy and unique, tough and well-built – is making a bid at the klieg lights once more after his marked but short-lived appearance in the latest edition of Survivor Philippines. So, what will it be for Mr. Hall? Romance, comedy or drama? Or maybe, flesh flicks a la Xerex The Movie, the one he did in 2003?


Twenty-three-year-old actor Ahron Villena is one of the more good looking castaways in GMA-7’s Survivor Philippines [Celebrity Edition]. This young hunk is hoping to revive his showbiz career via the reality tv route, after being discovered six years ago in an ABS-CBN noon time show contest.

No Letup

Now that Survivor Philippines is nearing its finale, what will happen now to Suzuki Sodatsugu Aragon a.k.a. Piko Suzuki a.k.a. Suzuki Aragon? He had his [more than] 15 minutes of fame in the show, admittedly. The question now is: What will he do about it? Most probably, if he’s smart enough, he won’t go back joining small-time bikini contests anymore. Maybe he can do bit parts on GMA-7’s shows and soaps, like what Survivor Philippines [first edition] contestant and male model John Lopez did. Let’s see what happens next to this cute Filipino-Japanese guy.

More Shaun

Whenever I get the chance to watch television, I always wait for Survivor Philippines to catch a glimpse of hot daddy Shaun Rodriguez. This government employee of Manila always wears skimpy swimwear on the show. He is comfortable wearing short shorts and briefs with the camera around – probably because he really has a nice body to boot. Methinks he is on his way to winning the top prize in this reality show.

Hot Dad Survivor

Shaun Rodriguez is the “Hot Dad” tagged in the Philippine edition of the popular Survivor series. The 30- [or is it 40-?] something hunk was the winner of the Mr. Slimmers World 2008 contest [in photo] prior to joining the reality show. He says he is a government employee now at the Manila City Council’s Press Relations Office, after toiling at a cruise ship as a waiter to pay off his debts in a failed business venture. His venture into tv’s Survivor might just change his fate and fortune.