New Breed

Enrique copyThere is always something naughty about the word “breed” and it’s a bit exciting. The excitement heightens if it involves young blood (and bodies). Say, for example, 23-year-old Enrique Gil, who’s a big star now in his home studio after a hit prime time soap. The King of the Gil is venturing into sexy adult territory this time. Now, that is something to look forward to!

derrickSpeaking of a huge future, the other side has a Derrick Monasterio. Although less stellar than Enrique-With-No-Pit-Hair, the 19-year-old hunk-in-waiting is prepping for stardom. He has recently been signed up by local clothes retailer Bench, and maybe, just maybe, an underwear ad is in the offing soon!

Boys Aloud

jamesWe’ve seen him shirtless countless times. This time, James Reid does some pit lovin’ under the summer haze. We don’t see any underwear or bikini shots coming, but what the heck, he’s still sizzlin’ in that hawt little bod!

derrickWould you like to spend endless summer nights with hunk-in-waiting Derrick Monasterio? Like sinfully sweaty evenings with the 19-year-old actor? I’m actually dreaming of this boy. He’s so manful and handsome these days. Heck, he’s the banner boy for this hot, hot summer!

andreWhere do I begin with this one? Let’s see, I’ll pull down his shorts, for starters. Boy-man Andre Paras finally takes his shirt off to show a work in progress. The cute 19-year-old former varsity basketball player sheds off the baby fat and the puffy cheeks in transition to hunkydom come! Like!

Young Men


Who doesn’t love Enchong Dee? He’s such a sweetheart, if you ask me. He’s so charming and cute. When he takes his shirt off and drops his pants, he goes into sexy mode.  If you want your boys twinky and young and soft and often epicene, then Enchong fits the [libido] bill.

ElmoHe’s not really a stud yet. Not actually a boy now. Maybe Elmo Magalona is a boy-man and stud-in-the-offing. He’s shedding his clothes for that extra oomph to his still fledgling career in showbiz. Hot or not?

 vin copyIt’s tall, dark and uh, sexy Vin Abrenica! Well, he has his desirable traits, like a yummy bod and crazy abs. As Farmer Hogget would say, “That’ll do!” Will he strip down to his undies pretty soon? Or did big brother Aljur offer him some advice on being prim and proper?

Defy your limits

DerA repeat post/feature within a week must be something, eh? I’m actually gushing about this new guy in the sexy block. Just look at that young body, all blown up to manly, sweaty perfection! I can post images of Derrick Monasterio in shirtless poses everyday! And now I’ll have to wait for that underwear picture pretty soon. Sexy!

ZEUS frameOr a dose of Zeus Collins, self-proclaimed God of the Dancefloor. I’ll have to add Sexy God of the Dance Freakin’ Floor! An appealing muscular hunk makes my legs wobble (and loins tremble) some more if he can do the moves. B-boying or something! This Zeus guy is all that!

adam1The runner-up also rises! The near-winner in the Mister Philippines contest, Adam Davies goes up there in the drool-worthy guys list! Imagine this chunk of a man walking on stage in his Bench Body cotton-lycras – private parts jiggling, bouncing and flapping. Crazy, right?


derricksOh to be 19 again! You with me ladies and gentlemen, do you remember 19? Let me tell ya, the juices are flowing, the red corpuscles are corpuscle-ing, the grass is green and soft, and summer’s gonna last forever. Now do you remember? Yeah you do. (Saul, Better Call Saul).  While we’re on the topic of teens and their haste to hunkydom come, count Derrick Monasterio in the exclusive club! Proof positive is his daily gym routine. The cuts and bulges are now showing! Maybe it’s a portent of things to come? Like some underwear endorsement. I can’t wait.