Tom’s Turn

Speaking of Temptation Island the movie, one of the male leads can be seen in red briefs in some episodes. Tom Rodriguez, former Big Brother contestant and now an actor in ABS-CBN’s shows and soaps, is finally getting his biggest movie break in the camp classic. Tom is also the newest endorser of an underwear company, which means you have to watch out for his boards and ads soon!

These Days Nothing But Sunshine

Will Aljur‘s star shine in the movies this time? While the movie Temptation Island is mainly focused on the four female leads, Aljur gets a taste of leading man status as he takes on an important role in the camp classic. Will he deliver? Will the movie succeed in cementing his spot as a relevant and noteworthy actor on the big screen? Find out starting 6 July 2011 when Temptation Island gets shown in commercial theaters nationwide. [Okay, okaay, that was a shameless plug.]