Whatever happened to Romano Vasquez?

He was one of the it boys of 80’s teen breeding ground That’s Entertainment, a vaudeville mishmash featuring precocious teens, good-looking or otherwise. After the demise of the pioneering teenybopper program, Romano Vasquez tried the movies and tv soaps for a time. After drugs took a toll on his career and finances, and in a surprise twist, he was eventually found twirling and twining in skimpy slings at Whitebird, a pricey gay club in Baclaran district. Subsequently, he went to Japan, and nothing much has been heard of him since.

Rock Deejay

There must be something about Deejay Durano, who never seems to run out of projects inside the ABS-CBN studios. The former That’s Entertainment wallflower was last seen in a comedy movie [Ang Cute ng Ina Mo] and now he is in the cast of an ABS-CBN action series [Rounin]. The only thing [person] common in all his movies and gigs is the director, a very good friend indeed. I always thought Deejay Durano has gone to oblivion after That’s Entertainment. After struggling in getting movie projects [he was once handled by the simian manager, Nap Gutierrez who took the amateur photos below when Deejay was still younger, and fat], he went into band gigs as the lead vocals of the group Frontline. Not much came out of it, so this Cebu native disappeared for a while. Next thing we knew he surfaced in the mermaid series of ABS-CBN, Marina, in a vital role at that. Of course, the director was his good friend. From then on, his movie and TV career went bonkers [in a good way] as he was cast in minor yet exposure-plentitude roles. He also released an album containing Filipino songs, last year. And so here goes the story of a wannabee who has apparently soared past his contemporaries in that teen show, thanks to devotion, friendship, and interrelationship.