The Escort Showing Tomorrow

Mark your calendars tomorrow, 21 August as the new provocative indie flick The Escort starts its commercial run!  One of the actors in the movie is Jommel Idulan, who plays the hustler friend of lead Miko Pasamonte. The Escort is the latest film of Monti Parungao, the director behind blockbuster gay indies Sagwan [Torino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Main Competition, Italy] and Bayaw [Paris Gay and Lesbian Film Festival].  The movie will be shown at Remar Cubao, Roben Manila, and Isetann Recto. 

Naked As He Came

Our favorite indie boy Miko Pasamonte will hit [heat] the indie movie screens this August as his much-anticipated movie The Escort finally gets a schedule. The Escort is about a pragmatic sex worker [read: practical prostitute, wily whore] who learns what it is to fall in love. From a story of Hawaii-based writer Lance Collins and the direction of Monti Parungao [Sagwan, Bayaw], watch out for The Escort this August!   

The Pink Experience

Mark the dates: “The Pink Experience“, a selection of gay films from around the world, will be held on March 19 and 20 (Monday and Tuesday) at the UP Film Center. Screening time is 2:30, 5:00 and 7:30pm. The event is made possible by TLA Releasing and Lexuality Entertainment. Tickets at PHP100 only. In photo is Miko Pasamonte, the lead actor for “The Escort“, the next offering from Lexuality Entertainment. Coming soon this year.