This is the then-and-now, before-and-after feature. Today we’re having a serving of cute lad Erie Obsena, who once dared to enter show ¬†business via the sexy easy way. The 6’3″-tall cutie from Olongapo City was a part of the now-defunct sing-bump-and-grind group The Cappuccinos [left photo, promo pic for the group]. Now [right photo], he’s older and wiser and on the right path as an up-and-coming runway and commercial model.

Aljur Again and Now

Look what seven freakin’ years did to Aljur! In 2007, GMA attempted to do sci-fi in its prime time via Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan a la Space Cadets. Aljur was one of the three lead stars in spandex [left image].  Fast forward to 2014 and Aljur’s still in a fantasy series [and tight bodysuit], this time deep in the ocean for the mermaid show Kambal Sirena. Definitely he looks better now.

Then and Now: Geoffrey Taylor

Geoffrey Taylor, the Filipino-American model-singer who found fame through ABS-CBN’s Dream Academy, seems to have gained a bit of poundage from the last time we featured him. Before, he looked lean and mean [and clean-cut] in the photo on the left. ¬†Now, Geoff is doing a swollen moment, as seen in the image on the right, which photo was taken last November in a Mossimo fashion show. I like the then photo, to tell you frankly.

Then and Now: Jude Marco

The first guy in our Then-and-Now series is this site’s newest phenom, male model Jude Marco Sy-pongco. A few years back, he had long curly hair, which made him stand out from a crowd. Of course, he had fair, smooth and rosy skin [see left photo]. Now, Jude Marco has moved to Macau as a dancer and entertainer and he is reportedly doing well, career- and financial-wise. He still looks gorgeous, except that he cut his hair short [see right photo]. This photo on the right was taken last November 2008, when he looked a bit lighter. Just the same, he looks mighty fine, if you ask me.