Body of Evidence

This is positive proof that Bench Body tinkers with the bodies of its underwear models. Apparently, the male mods are made to look better, with all the requisite sac and swelling in their proper places. Take for example Portuguese model Tierry Vilson. He’s the latest summer endorser for the popular local brand of underthings [see print ad above]

In reality, however, this is how the photo was taken, warts and all. 
See the huge difference!

From Behind

 Dear Jakey, This is how you do butt exposure. The model’s name is Tierry Vilson, a Brazilian.
 Round perfect cheeks. Spot clean. Well, except maybe for the occasional redness from sitting down.
Those plump buns look like they just came from their own work out.
Here’s the side view. If you want to take a lesson in hugeness, too.
Do that, and the trolls will die with glee. After taking your pictures from behind.