The Hotter Brother

Tohid Ajdani has always been the other brother, thanks to the popularity of sib Sam. These days, he’s coming on his own (no double entendre, really). With a bangin’ bod like that, how can’t he be? If you’re not convinced, head over to his and older bro’s social media accounts where you’ll see states of divine shirtlessness.

Pits of Love

For armpit fetishists, brothers Sam and Tohid Ajdani volunteer today. The sweaty, smelly duo ham it up for the pit selfie of the day. By now, you know how this site works. There’s a prior post on a safe-for-work photo. In the coming days, a revealing photo might just burst out of nowhere. But I digress. Yeah, hot bros and pits!

Strong Bros

AjdanisHot Sunday morning everyone! Our theme today is brothers, brothers with abs and handsome faces. Here’s another story of progressive genes working out for siblings. These are the dreamy Filipino-Persian models and fitness trainers. Between the model brothers Sam and Tohid Ajdani, who’s hotter?

The brother also rises


If you’ve been missing Sam Ajdani lately, maybe the brother in skivvies will do just fine. Tohid Ajdani, younger and maybe better, finally does the underwear shoot as an express rebuttal of his older brother’s sexy, racy antics in tiny and tight undergarments.¬† This is a good start, actually.


Bros copyWe’ve had a pretty lackluster week in terms of hunks in various states of undress, but what the heck, we’ve had a good run with the naked boys in the sideposts, eh? It’s not that there’s a dearth of bold and baring boys, it’s just that they’re too coy these days. Nevertheless we’re getting two today, and brothers at that! Tohid and Sam Ajdani grace us with their sexy sweaty presence. One is just fine, two is sheer joy!

The Other Ajdani

tohid copy

Is he hotter than his brother Sam? Cuter, perhaps? Tohid Ajdani may not be as ripped and lean and tall as his relatively ¬†famous older brother, but he sure can bring in the boyish charm. Here, the 20-year-old Fil-Iranian hunk auditions for the Bench show. I’m pretty certain he got in.


The brother also rises. That’s Tohid Ajdani, younger sibling of model-most-ubiquitous Sam. The 20-year-old student is following his brother’s footsteps as he went sexy shirtless in the recently-held Cosmopolitan Bachelors Bash. Who’s hotter, cuter between the Fil-Iranian brothers?

The Brothers Ajdani

Our Monday boys would have to be the Ajdanis – up-and-coming model Sam and student Tohid. Of course, you’ve been introduced to Sam, the 6’2″-tall hunk who’s making the rounds of fashion shows and magazine editorials. And then there’s cute younger brother Tohid, 5’11”-tall and one of the 69 bachelors for Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine this year.