Candid and Loving It

While the Bench show may never be the same way again without Dennis Trillo in bulge-y underwear, Tom Rodriguez fills in the spot quite well. He’s walking the Under The Stars fleshtravaganza for the last time (?) and he might have something to surprise us on Saturday night.

Not Beach Wear

Underwear fashion really doesn’t go far. Four seasons apart, and the boys are still wearing the same designs. And then again, who’s grumbling and griping, when we have these arousing images of men? One thing is for sure: dazzle them with florals and summer prints and abs and bulges, and people won’t care much about the recycled designs.

Tom Cat


The pièce de résistance in the back-to-school campaign of the local underwear brand is Tom Rodriguez, all beautiful legs, sturdy torso and a slight bump, er, bulge. Mr. Mott is taking center stage in Bench Body as one of the newest and more favored endorsers of the company’s underthings.

So It’s You!




One more serving of Tom. This time, it’s all about legs, legs and more legs. Flawless, meaty, strong legs. It seems like Mr. Mott can never go wrong these days, what with his newly-acquired leading-man status in showbiz.  TGIF!

Sings, Too

While no one was looking, cute actor Tom Rodriguez briefly appeared at the 2012 Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash. In regulation basketball shorts, Tom went sexy shirtless on stage again for the magazine’s annual fleshfest.

Next month, the 25-year-old ex-reality show contestant goes to a whole new world when he takes on theater. In Atlantis Production’s Aladdin, Tom’s in the lead “in a timeless tale of a street-smart commoner whose life dramatically changes with one rub of a magic lamp.” Find out about rubbing Tom’s magic lamp when Aladdin stages this November. For details, call Atlantis at 892.7078.

Paint a Picture

This is the billboard image of sexy actor Tom Rodriguez along EDSA for underwear brand Hanford. Of course, he would have dropped the jeans if it weren’t for that rule along the busy thoroughfare that models-in-bulging-underwear are not allowed. The 24-year-old cutie is hot, still.

Endorser, Too

Well, whad’ya know? Chunky-hunky actor Tom Rodriguez is now an underwear model, too! He joins Geoff Eigenmann and the Younghusband brothers in endorsing Hanford briefs and underthings. The 24-year-old actor – who was discovered in ABS-CBN’s Big Brother – was last seen in the campy movie Temptation Island wearing red briefs and a thick accent.

The Boys!

Hail, hail! The boys of Temptation Island are here! Yesterday, the cast of the camp classic movie had a shoot and the boys were all hot and sexy! Of course, Aljur Abrenica took of his shirt, followed by Tom Rodriguez and Paulo Avelino. Did they wear Bench Body briefs, too, in the shoot?

Tom and Luis

It’s Screencaps Friday and on the menu — Tom Rodriguez [left] and Luis Manzano. This is the outdoor shower scene in the comedy Petrang Kabayo, and the boys are wet, cute and daring in their underwear. Tom Rodriguez has been getting plum sexy roles lately – he’s recently cast as one of the male leads in the movie Temptation Island, together with Aljur and Paulo. On the other hand, Luis Manzano is busy playing lead in romance-comedy flicks, in addition to hosting duties in his home studio.
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