Paul Revered

Paul Andre Salas is having his Bench Body moment this summer! It looks like the 21-year-old actor, who’s been in the sidelines for long before finally getting noticed by the big bosses at the underwear company, is getting more popular now. Sex sells, and Paul Andre is giving all that he’s got!

New Luke

Luke 4luke3So there’s this social media thing called the Be Careful Who You Bully (In Middle School) Challenge, where one’s supposed to post two pictures, one old and one recent photo and see how people react to the transformation! Luke Conde‘s not actually jumping on the bandwagon, so I made this for him just in case he wants to tell you uglies that, uh, beauty is skin deep and it’s in the eyes of the beholder and all those stuff.


jakkSometimes I make some quick feel and grant some requests for boy-features. You’ve been clamoring for a certain Jak Roberto and I had to look him up. Not bad, actually. He can be a doppelgänger for that certain fellow who goes by the name of Alden Richards. Well, in his present incarnation, at least.



I’m actually a sucker for boys who constantly try to improve themselves, through the years. Maybe fix their hair a bit. Get those sick abs by working out in the gym. A little tweak of the nose here. Those stuff. The 22-year-old Jak has transformed himself for the better. He looks good now.