The Trysting Place

IMG_2219Of all the fake blind item names, none is better than Duanee Bagunio.

Duanee Bagunio likes cute boys. Well, everyone does. What separates Duanee from the rest of us likers-of-cute-boys is that he is a popular and successful _______. Duanee’s actually butt-ugly but rich and influential (in some ways). Moneyed, popular, with showbiz connections, the works (except for the face and body, of course). So any cute boy from simple origins would be awestruck.

Earlier this year, Duanee bought a unit in a condominium with a funny name in a vacation city. Everyone was surprised considering that the place is not really up to par with upmarket condo units that someone his caliber and stature would love. Probably it’s inexpensive, low-priced and bargain-basement. He’s rich and it wouldn’t even make a dent in his passbook. But why would he buy some cut-rate development in the vacation city and announce it to the whole country like a horny-giddy teenager on mescaline?

Thing is, Duanee’s apparently smitten with some student. Not a famous boy who models and primps before the cameras from the big city. This one’s an ordinary (but young and cute) student who goes to school near the condominium. Of course, ordinary student gets unlimited access to the new condo. Plus a new Hyundai car. And Duanee gets weekend passes, to take pleasure in cute student’s flesh in the new love nest. Mind you, that pleasuring in his young flesh is just my theory.

The Top Ten of 2014

It has been one whirlwind of a bikini-nekkid-cocky year. As the year ends, I’m listing down the top 10 stories based on comments made (in italics) after the post title –


1. Metro Body: Sam. (251) New Year’s Day post on Sam Concepcion all grown up with pit hairs and a Prada  covering his privates.

2. Happy Birthday A!  (246) A birthday greeting to our boy Ahron Villena while on a Vegas trip with his boyfriend, all expenses paid.

3. Mister Global. (213) A feature on Wilfred Placencia, our unlikely candidate to an international competition. Sometimes  you guys amuse me with all your catfights.

4. Dream Body Again. (209) Edward Mendez flaunts his dream body in his new book on fitness.

5. The SS Group. (195) The story on the Super Secret Group of gay guys in showbiz and the modeling world who gather informally in the Quezon City house of actor-entrepreneur Jay. The New Year party is the one to watch out for, as it promises to bring together the luminaries in the group!


6. Single. (183) Our favorite gay boy Kennedy Alfonso releasing a single and well, breaking up with boyfriend.

7. Swoon. (148) Dennis Trillo re-emerges on top.

8. Dick. (140) Dickhead famewhore showing off his badly photoshopped bod and penis.

9. Sissyville pt. 1. (130) The story of drama queen Kennedy putting on his innate ability for histrionics at the Sissyville house of actor Jay one balmy morning.

10. Then and Now. (119) Openly gay dancer and struggling model Jan Stephen Noval and his amazeballs transformation.

The Trey


Here’s another one. College-basketball-player-turned-runway-model Trey Seminar has a secret life. Well, some know about it. It being the fact that he’s supported by one of our own who goes by the name of Alonso Remits Tom.

The most curious case of Trey is that one would think he is a straight-shooter, not used to the ways of the world. He could pass for a Catholic schoolboy, a prim and proper, shipshape, well-groomed lad who lived in one of the houses along the tree-lined streets of New Manila. The kind who says a little prayer for every burger and pizza slice on the table. The one who wears big Hanes white underwear. A Catholic schoolboy with red lips and naughty smile and big arms and high broad shoulders and hot throbbing pink-purple cock. Well, that’s how I’m imagining it to be. For how could our little sister Alonso go nuts (no pun) over this boy?

Trey is earning some money now, with his appearances on some photo shoots, runway shows and some TVCs. Sometimes when there’s a new pair of Nike elite shoes in Titan (that high end shoe store in BGC), Trey would come a-knockin’ at Alonso’s swanky office by the bay. Alonso, rich as a motherfucker, is only too happy to oblige. Of course, there’s a weekly take of 20k cash plus a bit of extra shopping (and milk) money. IPhone 6 plus and PS4. A car at his disposal (maybe an FJ Cruiser or Mazda 3). And some good old lovin’ from Alonso Remits Tom.

The Besties


This is all about two varsity basketball players and the personalities they’re involved with right now. Of course, this is not a continuation of the story on Sissyville Street, which is unusually quiet these days because He Who Must Not Be Named is working out his relationship with on-off-on-again bf, the tv commercial director (thereby ditching Drama Queen Ken with finality). And that’s another story for another day: there is more to come next time. More story, more music, more gaiety and color.

For now we direct our collective attention to the BFFs, Machete Lipa and Analski Rickets, who were team mates in CZ Slabbers Basketball Team. These b-ball players have since graduated from school (but not from their earthly ways, i.e. dependence on the kindness of strangers). These days, Machete is a bit rotund, chubuff actually, while Analski is lean and mean. Both attractive to some extent, their appeal being straight basketball players who can dribble and shoot in more ways than one.

Now, there isn’t any story here. It’s just some fine pairing between (or is it among?) BFFs.

Analski is currently the boyfriend of creative person Danni Wet. Deeply enamored, Danni Wet supports Analski – apartment, clothes, food, allowance. And gadgets! Plus Analski is in school again, this time at Center for Asian Culinary Studies (there’s no need for air quotes, that’s the real name of the culinary school where Analski goes to, courtesy of Danni.). As an aside, Analski used to be the boy-toy of talent agent Finger Alvarado, who also put him up in an apartment. So it is safe to conclude that Analski is used to this kind of setup.

How about BFF Machete? Well, it turns out Danni and Analski had the grand idea of setting him up with Danni’s best gal friend, the plump-as-a-partridge late 30s actress Nikozel Edema, who’s going around town harping on her new 20-something love.

 And they lived happily ever after.

The SS Group


That mysterious group that regularly meets in S …. ssecret is actually an exclusive yet informal group of gay dudes in the city. The members are so picky and the number one rule is No Fuglies Allowed. So, in case you’re speculating that the Top Official and his BFF are included, you are ugly wrong. Top Official and his BFF look like Jerry and Bazooka Dave of the Minions, go figure.

SS Group is one group that every social fuckin’ climbing dude wants to join. The members are screened big time. Strict criteria aside from being good-looking is being discreet, with some money and good background (Ken failed, obviously). Some exceptions, however, are made, such as in the case of The Brute for his “extraordinary abilities” that are beneficial to some members of the group.

The de facto leader is He Who Must Not Be Named HWMNBN because the group uses his fancy house with the big pool down in S…ssecret. There’s a smattering of models for eye candy purposes. Showbiz regulars include ex-model and occasional actor with foreign sounding name, and singer from a long-defunct assortment of five talented kids. Sometimes, veteran actor who endorses the Cryogenics Department of a top beauty clinic is also present. There are rich and cute kids from old clans in attendance oftentimes.

While it is a big and interesting group, not all attend the weekend gatherings. The Big Gathering is the annual Christmas party. Until then.


The Boys


Ahh, the boys! This post hopes to be an update on the comments with regard to the basketball players of the colleges and universities in the big city. Remember that Kris Porter feature last year? Well, it generated 1000+ comments about this mysterious lot of varsity players.

In case you’re wondering, the one on the left is cutie Fonzo Gotladera, 6’5″-tall player for the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Beside him are DLSU Green Archers Norbert Torres a.k.a. The Bear and the popular yet very expensive AVO. This was taken when they were still rookies for DLSU during their “initiation rites.”

Who’s your favorite UAAP player?


Is this..? I would like to believe he is. All hot and nekkid, ready for his on-cam show. Reader PG sent this and asks if this is really him, the great exhibitionist. If not, I’ll just have to imagine it’s him, then. Hawt!