It’s cutie Ian Batherson in the colors of the season! Except that he’s not wearing any pants, which is good because we get to see his wonderful legs! Did you know that his Whistle post is the second most viewed feature for the month of December, next to Butt Monday?

More Jakey

And, yeah, it really is true. Jakey hogging the bright lights in his fancy-colored skivvies, outlining whatever there is to show to the whole Bench-Bodytards out there. No upstarts, wannabes and heirs-apparent, this time. Just plain old sexy Jakey for the holidays.

Holiday Cheers

What?! No tight-briefs-wearing Paulo Avelino in the initial Bench Body campaign for the holiday season? Just Jakey? That seems strange. Well, Jakey‘s enough, if you ask me. The perpetual, quintessential go-to guy for the near-nekkid posters of the local underwear company. But Paulo left out of the campaign?!


Okay one more time. Carlos Agassi‘s career in rap music or tv and movie acting may not be that successful but he surely has found his true calling as an underwear model. Carlos shows off his burly, bruising form in the new ad campaigns for Guitar underwear. The 32-year-old hunk – known for his powerfully built figure – is still busy doing bit roles on tv.


If you’re into long-haired, masculine basketball players, then 29-year-old Petron Blaze point guard Alex Cabagnot might just be your main guy! He’s an underwear model, too, as he joins that Trillo guy and Borgy‘s younger brother for Hanford underwear.  He’s hot, if you ask me.


Time was when Joem Bascon was one of the sexiest upstarts in the underwear modeling scene. He was come-hither in those Folded & Hung ads ages ago. Now, Joem, who is one mighty fine actor, is still an underwear endorser, although for a different brand.  

Jiro, Too

Still one of the hottest [underwear] models in town is Jiro Shirakawa. With his boyish Oriental looks and to-die-for body, who wouldn’t get his services? Modeling services. In fact, the projects kept piling up, he’s now driving a premium SUV with the latest mobile phones and gadgets. That’s hard work.


And then there’s Carlos Agassi, in all his buffed and polished, ripped and muscular glory.  The hunky actor-singer is showing ’em how to be an underwear model, with all the right cuts and, uh, bumps in the right places. This one’s reminiscent of the handsome beefcake of yore, if you ask me.


Oh these underwear model boys! They’re constantly trying to one-up each other. This is DJ Durano, recent addition to the list of Guitar underwear endorsers. The tv and movie actor is representing the 30-something demographic for Guitar undergarments. I think.


Oh, there! Dennis Trillo finally donning some underwear in public. Showbiz’s Other Bad Boy is going sexy as in underwear sexy and there’s no stopping him. He’s also still one of GMA’s go-to guys in the leading men department.  Dennis can be seen on prime time tv in the adaptation of the Korean series, Temptation of Wife.
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