Maverick Unfolding

Boyish-looking model-with-the-constant-VPL Maverick Kelvin Mangilit is going scruffy this time. Do you think this new look works well on this hunky Electronics and Communications Engineer?  Of course, the bulge – unabashedly displayed – is still there. 

Sweet as Choco

Do you like dark and meaty men like Joem Bascon? He may have lost that Folded & Hung physique but he is still a hottie to me.  

Carlos With The Perky Nips

Not to be outdone, Carlos Agassi is also coming out with his own series of ads for his long-time endorsement, Guitar underwear. While we see Mr. Agassi countless times in shirtless mode in his social networking sites, we rarely get a glimpse of him in small underwear showcasing hi, uh, goods. This time he goes extra daring in a pair of comfy Guitar briefs. 

♡ Forever

It is this: Mike Tan may have advanced a bit in years but he is still as hot as the first time he appeared in his tighty whities in that magazine-calendar a few years back. This time, he’s sturdy and stiff in his Guitar underwear as he works his endorsement for the undergarments brand. Mike joins Carlos Agassi, Joem Bascon and DJ Durano in the list of endorsers of Guitar.

Killer Abs

You’ve seen him in countless billboards and ads for SM Department Store before. Fully clothed, of course. Now, get to examine closely Spanish-Moroccan model Abdel “Abs” Abdelkader, as he flaunts his wares – eight-pack abs, killer legs and the plat de resistance VPL! All in grandpa’s underpants. Hawt!


One last hurrah for summer! Models Rommel Bungay [right] and Maverick Kelvin Mangilit ham it up for the camera under the hot, hot sun. Of course, no one wears those pieces in the real world, but we’re not complaining when the crazed designers let the models use them.


This is how you do underwear. With lots of chutzpah and bulge, bulge, bulge! I think this is Harry Morris of the Philippine Volcanoes, that group of large men who do rough rugby. This was in the recent Bench Body show where the men tried to outdo each other with their, uh, assets.


In other news, Bench Body came out with a statement to appease the buying public  —  It has come to the attention of the company that you whinos have been accusing Bench Body of resorting to Adobe Photoshop to manipulate the bulges of the Semerads from massive to miniscule in the recent back-to-school campaign. We are now sending you a candid runway photo of David [or Anthony, it doesn’t matter they are identical, they have identical dicks, too] to prove that Bench Body is committed to truth in advertising. We hope that this will settle the issue once and for all.

Bodyshots Contestants 2

See, it’s not that bad. There are some promising ones in the Bodyshots contest. They were only introduced with their first names, so let’s make do with that for now. From right: Cedric, 22, 5’10;  Allen, 25, 5’11”; Kurt, 18, 5’10”; Natale, 19, 6’3″; Mahroon, 2, 6′; and Jayson, 25, 5’9″. I’m rooting for Kurt. Who’s your bet?


And I’m also curious, seriously curious, how and why Borgy Manotoc is an underwear model still for Bench Body, after all these years. Maybe he has a swimmer’s body. Perhaps it’s a package deal with his model-girlfriend. Or, the bargain-basement undergarments fit him perfectly well. I can only surmise.
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