That’s “Who Wore It Better?” or maybe “Who Whored It Better?” Depends, really. Did low-hanger Enzo Pineda nail the Bench Body underwear ? Or maybe international model Paolo Roldan just did a lot better in similar fashion? The pair of briefs is really VPL-ready, with soft and thin nylon-lycra fabric. Who’s hotter, now?

Naked As He Came

Ex-teenybopper Maichel Fideles is really getting packaged these days as a sexy actor. His photo shoots and movies border on racy and risqué. Of course, we’re not complaining with all the butt and bulge images.  How about more revealing photos next time, Mr. Fideles?


Who wore it better? Aging bikini open contestant Ram Ace Bautista [left] or  resident Bench Body exhibitionist Jake Cuenca? Same type of underwear, different levels of sleaze.

The Body

As announced last time, the latest Bench Body endorser is international model Paolo Roldan. He may not be showing his penis this time [a la his Givenchy Coup de Foudre ad] but he sure is blazin’ hot in this new campaign for the local underwear brand. 

Mr. Big

Mr. Big is back! This time, he’s showing off his nice, furry legs. There’s no stopping Mark McMahon as he takes on almost all modelling projects in town. Of course, the shirtless and underwear shoots are most appreciated. Happy weekend everyone!


It’s the onset of summer already. The weather’s pretty hot, oppressively hot in the city. I’m dreaming of the beach and boys in tight swim trunks. Although the summer heat’s intensifying as temperatures soar in the metro to record levels, model-of-the-moment Junemac is keeping his cool under the oppressive sun, thanks to tiny speedos.

New Look

How do you like the new look of male model Jiro Shirakawa? Well, new ‘do, actually. Makes him all boyish and more, despite the fact that he’s ghetto-married with kids already.  Jiro’s been active in the modeling front after bowing out of showbiz more than a couple of years ago.  

Boyish at Thirtyish

And Sunday we get hot actor and underwear model Jason Abalos, who is getting better and sexier every day. His new set of photos for Cotton Club underwear reveals a hotter and leaner Jason. When he’s not doing indie flicks, Jason plays leading man in the afternoon soaps of his network.


Do you like Brent Javier‘s new look? More mature, a bit older and somewhat scruffier? Or do you prefer his boy-next-door image? The 5’11”-tall model and occasional actor is still an endorser of the underwear line of a direct-selling brand. He’s also a web host these days.


Okay, one more image of Enzo Pineda in tight skivvies. Of course, he has big balls! Or maybe an extra one. It doesn’t matter, really. What’s important is that he’s cocky enough to wear skimpy undergarments in public sans qualms and scruples. Happy weekend everyone!
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