If all underwear models looked like this, I would {fill in the space}! Seriously, ex-actor Jiro Shirakawa looks hotter than ever. He’s still the underwear model for a direct-selling company [see new moose-knuckle photo] plus he can still do freelance for his former endorsements Bench Body and Mossimo underwear. 

Squeaky Clean

Now, this could be in the centerfold! Ian Batherson endorsing Sunjoy underwear a few years back. Cute, sexy and clean in white. Heck, he could even do a reprise, a re-telling of the Coco Martin risqué movie Masahista with these images! Don’t you think so?


Dear Cosmo [Phils] magazine people: Our idea of a centerfold would be something like this. Put in those actors, celebs, athletes, models and wannabes in bikinis, briefs and, uh, cake icing. Those images would be sexy. Fully-clothed boys and men in your magazine with a cover that says “all-new, all-hot hunks” just do not cut it. And then again, maybe we’re just expecting too much.


Finally, after two years, Sunjoy underwear is using the images of occasional actor and reality show veteran Ian Batherson in its ads. The sexy Filipino-German guy is seen in various stages of undress in the ads that advertise the briefs famous for their “seamless construction” and “garterless waistband.”
When Sunjoy got Ian’s services, they put out this PR: Sunjoy Underwear, one of the country’s most formidable male underwear brands since the 1980s, signed a contract with Ian Batherson as its newest image model. Batherson was singled out by Sunjoy for it believes in Batherson’s refreshingly good Caucasian looks that truly typifies what a young man on-the-rise should be. With a well-chiseled body and flawlessly good-looking face, Batherson is surely a two-thumb up winner in the underwear category.

Derick and Jiro

Two underwear model boys. Who wore it better? Is it 6’2″-tall swarthy-hunky Derick Hubalde? The 28-year-old model, who used to play collegiate basketball, is one of the more popular models on the runway. Or did 6′-tall cutie Jiro Shirakawa do a better job wearing the printed pair of briefs? Jiro is still actively pursuing a showbiz career despite some setbacks in his first outing with ABS-CBN.

Sexy Alex

Surprise! Boy next door Alex Castro takes his showbiz career a notch higher by dropping his pants and posing for Bench Body! His images in the print ads and billboards for the underwear company couldn’t be too far behind. The 26-year-old actor is also shooting an independent movie with “adult undertones” called Lihis, with perennial Bench Body boy Jake Cuenca in the lead.

Marvin’s Back

Never mind the nasty underwear. He’s still cute and hot, isn’t he? Marvin Wijangco may have semi-retired from showbiz for now, but the 5’11”-tall model still has what it takes to blaze through the scene. Marvin is making a comeback in commercial modeling with his new orange juice ad via giant billboards around town.

Hump Day Boy!

Hooray for Wednesday! Today’s special is one sexy swarthy guy who had his more than 15 minutes of fame inside the Big Brother House. Twenty-five-year-old Carlo Romero may not have won in the show [cute Slater did], but he sure got noticed by talent agents and casters. The Chicago native has decided to stay a bit for the showbiz projects coming his way. Hawt!


While we’re on the subject of underwear models, here’s one who is way up there in that sexy league. Muscled actor Carlos Agassi may not be that busy working in showbiz these days but he surely has all the time to work out for his Guitar underwear endorsement. Hard work shows, natch!


And Monday we get an exclusive, actor and underwear model Jason Abalos, who is getting better and sexier every day. His new set of photos for Cotton Club underwear reveals a hotter and leaner Jason. When he’s not doing indie flicks, Jason plays leading man in the afternoon soaps of his network.
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