Splendor in the Grass

Tv host and model Borgy Manotoc poses provocatively, in all his nekkid Bench Body splendor in the backyard grass. This one’s a nice pose, with his gooch nearly showing and scrotum outlined to its full form. Happy Friday everyone!


The men-in-briefs-along-EDSA incident of the PRFU Philippine Volcanoes also took its toll on other brands with sexy shirtless guys. Guitar underwear pulled down its EDSA-Taft board of a beaming duo of Carlos Agassi and Joem Bascon wearing the brand’s cotton tighty whities. Instead, an image of Joem in immaculate white shirt and shorts is now displayed prominently in that area.

Pretty Boy Matt

Speaking of Walker underwear, someone sent this image of former endorser Matt Evans. The 22-year-old actor, a coulda woulda shoulda shoo-in for leading-man status in ABS-CBN, once posed sexy in his boxer shorts for the underwear company and shirtless for Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine.


Not to be outdone with the onslaught of boys-posing-provocatively ads, Walker underwear shoots image model Ahron Villena in colorful, graffiti print briefs. After his career-turning appearance in GMA’s Survivor, he’s back doing bit roles in ABS-CBN’s soaps and out-of-town shows for Walker.


Actor Carlos Agassi is in the limelight again, thanks to his bit parts on tv and EDSA billboards of Guitar underwear. What’s noticeable, though, in the billboards was some attempt to hide and downplay any prominence, some protuberance down there. The left images are the actual shots, while the right one is the messed-up image for the website and boards of Guitar underwear.


I may be seeing things, but Joem Bascon‘s photo above makes a good subject for wild imaginings. It must be the light, the angle or some stray shadow. I’m wishing it’s some sheer underwear though, revealing Joem’s, uh, anatomy.

Agassi’s Abs

He has abs after all. Underwear model and actor Carlos Agassi shows off his burly, bruising form in the new ad campaign for Guitar underwear, too. The 31-year-old hunk – known for his powerfully built figure – is still busy doing bit roles on tv.

More Joem

He’s finally stripped down to his undies and Joem Bascon can’t be any hotter these days. Guitar underwear was able to convince him as one of the new endorsers of the men’s line, and he’s blazing through in comfy skivvies. Hawt!

While My Guitar…

I look at the world and I notice it’s turning
While my guitar gently weeps…

Hey look! These ones are nice. Actors Joem Bascon [left] and Carlos Agassi add more heat to the summer in the newest ad campaign for Guitar underwear. This is the first time that tv and movie actor Joem Bascon is slipping into tiny briefs after his exposure in Folded and Hung years back. On the other hand, mighty muscled Carlos Agassi has been modeling the underwear brand for years, but it is only now that he’s fully donned the briefs for Guitar’s ads.

Lying In Wait

What is Ahron Villena up to these days? After his Survivor Philippines stint in GMA, he moved back to ABS-CBN to do bit roles in the stations soaps. He’s also an underwear model still, doing out-of-town and provincial shows to promote the brand, Walker. Candid photo above is from the latest collection of the underwear company.
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