In other news, Bench Body came out with a statement to appease the buying public  —  It has come to the attention of the company that you whinos have been accusing Bench Body of resorting to Adobe Photoshop to manipulate the bulges of the Semerads from massive to miniscule in the recent back-to-school campaign. We are now sending you a candid runway photo of David [or Anthony, it doesn’t matter they are identical, they have identical dicks, too] to prove that Bench Body is committed to truth in advertising. We hope that this will settle the issue once and for all.

Bodyshots Contestants 2

See, it’s not that bad. There are some promising ones in the Bodyshots contest. They were only introduced with their first names, so let’s make do with that for now. From right: Cedric, 22, 5’10;  Allen, 25, 5’11”; Kurt, 18, 5’10”; Natale, 19, 6’3″; Mahroon, 2, 6′; and Jayson, 25, 5’9″. I’m rooting for Kurt. Who’s your bet?

Our AJ

Bench Body is getting all the fresh and new models in town! Right up Bulge Avenue is another card-carrying resident who goes by the name of AJ Sampson. The 411’s not out yet on this cutie with an interesting face and more interesting bod [and bump!]. He was revealing in that underwear show, though.

Bursting At The Seams

Promising new model in glam town is Orion Tamayo, a 20-year-old student from the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta. The 6’5″-tall cutie has been making the rounds lately of the Philippine Fashion Week shows, with his Bench Body stint as the highlight of his main debut on the runway.  He was born and raised in Wisconsin before moving back here three years ago.