Five Years Apart

Look how time flew by so faaast! Jake Cuenca is still an underwear endorser, although he switched skivvies. Five years ago, he was modeling for Bench Body, and these days he’s bangin’ the Guitar brand. Is there a remarkable difference? Is he still hot? Love him or leave him, I’ll let these photos do the talking.

Hairy Hit

It’s back to the hairy and hirsute male form and John Spainhour leads the path to raw and natural gorgeousness. The underwear model is putting it a notch higher, literally and figuratively, with his product endorsement, revealing wondrous patches of ruff and thatch along the way, down the happy trail.




Hang on just a bit, good things will come. Today’s a bit on auto-pilot, because Brazilians are usually the ones who can pull this one off (or pull down, for that matter). Bruno Galli is one of the new catalog endorsers for Bench Body, and sometimes he’s not, which explains the lower photo. Tee-hee.

Just Frank

Let’s move to a more mature notion of handsomeness. Remember Frank Taunenbaum a.k.a. Frank Garcia (of the Powerboys group), who came into pop consciousness a decade and a half ago? The Dutch-Filipino model still looks pretty awesome (right photo) these days. He may be our best bet yet for a viral post with the headline,  Buff _-Old Man Who Looks 20 Wows the Internet.

En Vivo!

Twelve years ago, we were lusting after Vivo Ouano, unusually tall and big for his age, at the Starstruck reality show of GMA. These days, he’s finally donning the regulation underwear as he takes another shot – this time, sexy and full of half-nakedness – at showbiz stardom. Does he still have it?

Action Star

How could I have missed this one? Erstwhile teen actor AJ Muhlach was launched in an action flick with minor nudity. He’s in tattered tighty whities, and how hot can that one be? Aga‘s younger brother is surely going to be a big star from the looks of it, right?

A Tool

For entertainment purposes, Richard Carlos of bikini open notoriety, went live on Facebook on high time. I am not sure what he’s smoking, but the occurring peep-and-snoop is such a treat, not that you haven’t seen the rest of his unmentionables a while back. The screencaps from reader PC are too precious not to share.

Team Player

We’re rooting for Enchong Dee as he plays for our team! The 28-year-old actor donned the tri-suit last weekend and he’s bulging through the wetness. Of course, we don’t know a darn bit about the run-bike-swim routine that young actors do today, but we’re keeping an eye on those man-cock outlines.


Remember David Chua of BenchBody fame? He had it all going a few years ago – tv soaps and endorsements, until he quietly disappeared from the limelight.  I’m pretty sure you, and you, have stories to narrate, and they’re quite interesting. These days, Mr. Chua, former Mr. University of Santo Tomas, has added some poundage and looks older. Comments section is now open.


“Who Wore It Better?” or maybe “Who Whored It Better?” Depends, really. Who’s hotter, now?  Who’s showing it off? Famous Italian model Pietro Boselli or Brazilian model Bruno Galli?  The pair of compression shorts is really VPL-ready, with soft and thin nylon-lycra fabric. You decide.

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