Nico’s Pickle

There’s always someone for everyone. Nico Bolzico (a.k.a. Erwan‘s brother-in-law) may not do it for some, but this unconventionally handsome hunk from Argentina has a horde of followers in his social media accounts. Thanks to his sense of humor and well, occasional dropping of the trou, he’s endeared himself to his Filipino fans.

The Consort

Oh, what’s a bit of gossip on Monday morning?! Erstwhile bit actor and underwear model Jiro Shirakawa has confirmed that he’s now employed in a high-flying job that takes him to wonderful places only you (and you!) can imagine. We are not wont to pass judgment now, are we?

To ease your begrudging heart, here are relatively old photos of Jiro in his teenie tiny skivvies, who once made some hearts aflutter and loins a-burning with his hot poses.  And yes, employer is one lucky b__. Life is unfair.



The balmy days of summer continue. Keeping it searing are the shirtless boys with oily, sweaty bodies under the sun. Boybandph member Tristan Ramirez is arguably the hottest in the bunch, with a fully developed bod for a boy barely out of his teens. For throwback, here is Christian when he was still laboring under the midnight klieg lights of that dear defunct show Walang Tulugan.


Most of the time, a model just needs to stand there and look beautiful. Daniel Matsunaga has fine physical traits, which he put to good use to get where he is today. Although we can’t see beyond that pretty visage, we appreciate him more when he takes his shirt (and underpants) off. Today is Daniel Matsunaga Appreciation Day.

Skin Intimates

It’s Fanny Friday! Remember that teen model who came to Manila a couple of years ago? Nando Skinner might just be back, and he’s lost all the baby fat! Modeling sexy underwear is par for the course, and the Brazilian sensation is airing some fleshy mounds! We couldn’t ask for more.

Foreign Matter

Here are a couple of gentlemen who once visited the Philippines and made some mark/s (or VPLs, silly!) in the local scene. You might remember British model Jack Ellis as the backpacking guy in the Department of Tourism maudlin TVC “Anak.”  Too bad he didn’t wear ’em tighty whities in the waterfalls.

Luis Meza is best known as Tanner‘s BFF. The 6’2″-tall professional model is packing on the bulgy-underwear display for this hot Hump Day post. Sometimes, a model just needs to look beautiful and pretty with lots of male skin uncovered.

Porn Star Boss

If you Google “Jose Sarasola,” numerous links will lead you to a wank video featuring a person who looks a bit like this sexy chef in his younger years.  These days, Mr. Sarasola, who shot to fame via the reality show Fear Factor Philippines, is a successful restaurant owner and the reason he’s featured here today is, well, he’s in a relationship with a famous porn star.

Body of Kirst

This is one of those rare occasions when we see model Kirstey Viray in his undergarments.  Somehow, he has managed to be relevant on the fringes, often times playing to the frivolities of social media. He’s relatively succeeding in this young-eat-old world of show business.  Will he be on top?


Seeing these guys make me smell the testosterone! The scent of musk, funk and all that gunk, in all their pleasantness!  Hot and hairy hunk Victor Aliwalas may not be that active in showbiz these days but he can still tickle our collective fancy. More so if he pulls down his pants and shows us his scorchin’ bod!

Yellow is the color of joy, indeed! Fernando Alvarez, who loves to call himself a Pinoyrican, dizzy-dazzles in his tight speedos and we know what he’s made of. Of course, he’s made of summer and wonderful taut skin and strong legs. I don’t get tired looking at his prominence, actually.


Because sometimes, there is no rhyme or reason for getting featured in this site, we have Michael Martinez today. Love him or hate him, Michael’s brought honors to this little island nation. Now, although it seems a bit strange if you ask me, we see him in all his underwear glory, abs and tats included. Do you feel hot? Do you feel odd?

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