Bold Ejay

ejay-copyNo other actor has boldly gone where Ejay Falcon travelled: into the underwear catalog biz! Yet, Ejay’s unfazed. It’s a job, he has the body and some goods, thrown in for extra measure. Well, not the very best of the bods out there, but some things are working out just fine. See for yourself.



Is there a Jake Cuenca renaissance? Suddenly, our favorite exhibitionist is all over town with new endorsements and a new tv show. He’s also active in social media, of course, in various stages of shirtlessness. Are you ready for Jake 2.0 in his dark, smoldering visage?

B_ stole my look!

ivo jakey78Who’s sexier: newest Bench Body endorser Ivo Buchta or ex-endorser (now-Guitar underwear rep) Jake Cuenca?  Jake did that pose first, and Ivo followed, showing off his ample ass-ets.  I have my own choice, judging from all those chunks of man-meat, but in the end, butt and beaut are in the eye of the beholder.


luis tannerk

Undoubtedly, the two hottest residents of the Big Brother House are Luis Hontiveros and Tanner Mata! The two boys have so many things in common, aside, of course, from all the visual pleasures they provide. It would be unfair now to ask, but I’ll put it out just the same: who’s your choice?

The Original

mik1 mik2

While we’re on the topic, Mikael Daez is one of the original . . . .  showbiz actors who ventured into underwear modeling. Despite his racy past, he’s back baring and daring for the local undergarments company. We had a glimpse of his long schlong some time back, and we’re just happy now that he’s a bit covered up.

Body Shots



We have always been on the lookout for fresh new hunks, and Cebuano Matthew Zaldarriaga comes highly recommended. The 23-year-old hunk (he was raised in Chicago) is in Manila competing for the Body Shots 2016 modeling competition. As the photos above will attest, it’s his mysterious mug and bangin’ bod that put him over the top.

Hot day!

hideo11-copyBrazilian hunk Hideo Muraoka  has always been one of the traditional favorites in this site and he never fails to amaze us with his speedo shots.  He has always, well, warmed the cockles of our hearts (and maybe loins) with his gratuitous swimwear shots.  It’s his birthday month, too, and Hideo has grown on me over the years, if you ask me.

Leu Lovin’!


One can never go wrong underneath those clothes with underwear called Dickies! Much more if Brazilian model and personal trainer Carleucio “Ross” Kiister is wearing ’em tight and slinky! The handsome model guy may even inspire you to get off your lazy ass and start working on a Yuletide holiday tune-up. His numbers are in his social media accounts.

When you’re smiling


When you’re smiling and astride me, the world feels a lot nicer. No amount of sexy can mask all that cuteness in JC Santos. He is simply adorable and such a dear. There are hotter hunks out there to ogle and admire, but our little boy is the big man in showbiz these days!

Mata Hottie

mata-copyYes, you had a field day yesterday asking me to post Tanner Mata, that adorable model guy who entered the Big Brother House. The 6’1″-tall Fil-Am hottie – ridiculously tagged as the “Incredible Hunk of Nueva Ecija” (gasp!), did some underwear shoot prior to relative fame. I’m not actually sure if this is his brother Tyler (based in Bangkok) but you get the picture – identical, twin, same-same.

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