[Not So] Vintage Sunday

In the olden days of Bench Body, the chunky-hunky male models dominated the underclothing landscape. One of them was Rob Duat, a Filipino-American pro basketball player  who once played for the Alaska Aces and Petron Blaze. The 6’3″-tall hunk also gamely posed for the underwear company in his jockeys and for Cosmopolitan [Phils] showing half his buttocks.

Dirty Denim Distressed Cut Off

Man in shorts and nothing else! Your himbo fantasies have come true, courtesy of model and ex-actor Jiro Shirakawa! He’s wearing the dirty denim distressed cut off shorts, so short his ass cheeks might show up.  Of course, that’s a pair of briefs, trompe l’oeil styled like denim. Hawt?

ThrowButt Thursday

Yes, he’s sorely missed in the underwear modeling scene, too. Ex-baller-model-actor Bruce Quebral sure blazed through the imagination of girls and girls alike with his dark exotic looks. Images above were shot in scenic Bangui Bay in Ilocos Norte for the Bench Body summer campaign, White Gold five years ago.

Desirable Singer

Somehow we forgot for a while that singer Jay R was once a hottie in the Bench Body backyard. Back in the day, he was gamely posing and primping in his tighty whities [and huge bulge].  Although he is not conventionally handsome, the hunky vocalist is confident and oozing with sex appeal. Do you still find him sexy?

Wolff Packed

Model and athlete Andrew Wolff is sorely missed on stage wearing nothing but thongs and bikinis. The Filipino-English hunk was once Bench Body‘s go-to guy in the Daring and Baring Department. He has since become scarce in the modeling scene after joining the Philippine Volcanoes .

T-Back Thursday

Many moons ago, when the local models were hunkier, an upstart by the name of Jon Hall boldly went where no model dared to go – the butt-baring territory! As one of the first endorsers of a fledgling brand called Bench/, he proved to everyone that sex really sells! Suddenly, wearing Bench/ underwear became a hip requirement during that era.

Twins. Again.

The hunky twins are at it again! Anthony and David Semerad are shooting a new campaign for Bench Body. It could be racier. Or maybe conservative. Who cares, when they’re hot as fuck even in their boxer briefs? [In case you’re wondering about the giant cardboard cutouts, those are part of an exhibit held recently at the Bench offices. Anthony is posing in front of his board with the white shorts, while David is in the darker shorts].

Something sweet and sticky…

…. ♪ running’ down my hand ♫ Cute boy Benjamin Alves is on a sexy Bench Body blitzkrieg these days! And he’s teasing and taunting in dem skivvies!  It looks like he’s pretty much staying in the Bench stable of underwear models for a long, long time.

John Does

And top model John Spainhour is back in town! He looks a bit thinner and leaner but he is still packing the same old hotness he showed in Bench Body ads of yore [ca. 2012]. This time, he’s going to do it again for the local underwear company – in teeny tiny pair of briefs, bulges and all.

Sam Drips

Hmm, this one looks pretty interesting and hot. Model-of-the-moment Sam Ajdanii is dripping wet and he’s come-hither in Bench Body briefs. How’s that for an underwear ad? I guess this one didn’t get the green light for a Bench Body magazine ad or billboard as it’s too risqué. 
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