Shooting Allen Molina

IMG_9201 copy

Shooting Allen Molina is such a breeze. No fancy costumes, no crazy poses. Just a bikini. Add in some pecs and abs and a bit of bump. Allen is really the ultimate bikini boy this side of town. No, he is the king of  competitions that involve tiny underwear and large distentions!

The return of the grandpa underpants


Who’s afraid of the grandpa underwear? Huge pair of white, fine rib underpants. Crotch snuggled happily in dem soft fabric. Unsexy, maybe. And then again it’s comfy and cushy, as against the bikinis and thongs and whatever butt floss underthings out there. Model: bikini boy Jhon Mark Marcia.

To the Victor go the spoils


Model and occasional actor Victor Basa still looks hot after all these years. Well, actually, after only about eight or so years in showbiz. Time was when he was a thin and brooding boy who signed on to ABS-CBN’s talent arm for its shows and soaps. Now, the 28-year-old pouty hunk gets his star brighter, this time as an underwear endorser.

Barangay Bikini

jv1 jv2

They are invading the barangays now. In those little town halls and inner city streets, the bikini boys go to work in tiny undercrackers. The more creative, the better. Like this impossibly skimpy one on Jayvee Ramos. Happy Sleazy Thursday everyone!

A (Very) Desirable Man

aliwalas4 copy

Yes, indeedy! Semi-retired actor and media personality Victor Aliwalas  looks so potent and manful, you could actually smell his testosterone, the scent of a virile man.  There’s something raw and rough in this image. Must be the crazy-ass abs. Or the impossible bulge in the red shorts. I’m betting on the untrimmed pit  hair (and pubes!), though.



Popular Bed Bar go-go boys Justine Cruz (British flag, red stripes) and Albert Gonzales (US flag, blue stripes) heat up the start of the work week in their tiny tighty underwear. The two guys also compete in bikini contests around town.  Happy Monday everyone!

Whole Body


Speaking of Mr. World – Philippines, how about a throwback to the good old years when the contest meant boys and men slugging it out for the right to represent the country abroad. Emmanuel Mago was one of the first titleholders. Very tall and the quintessential moreno model. He was also a former varsity  basketball player for the Emilio Aguinaldo Generals.



Fresh off the bus (FOB). This is Arcel Yambing, a 21-year-old aspiring model in the big city. He recently participated in the Bodyshots Modeling Competition, where failed to land in the top spot. However, his exposure in the show has helped him snag some projects on the runways for top designers in the metro.

Jheem Beams


Yeah, he woke up that way. Unkempt out-of-bed  hair, sleepy puppy-dog eyes, and of course, the tighty whities with the morning wood.  This is bikini boy Jheem Kazumi, fresh from his dirty, sexy dreams last night.

Forever Underwear

s09 copy

Yeah, we would love to see him in underwear all the time. Skimpy, tiny, gauzy, little bitty pair of undercrackers for John Spainhour. The eternal underwear guy. He looks good in ’em, I swear.

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