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Mr. Big Nips Art Natividad hopes to jumpstart his modelling career via the fashion designers’ bikini (and runway modelling) competition, BodyShots 2014.  The 5’11”-tall moreno model is considered as one of the shoo-ins for the title, which carries a modelling contract prize.

Friday Miscellany

Everyone, well almost everyone, is on the FIFA World Cup, where football (or soccer) takes center stage.  While they have the hot guys playing footsies, er, football under the watchful eyes of the girls, we also had have the sexy boys here who played on our local fields as the Philippine Azkals.


Like Carlie de Murga, Filipino-Spanish footballer who is one-half of the sexy tandem [the other half is his equally hot brother, Antonio of recent Century Tuna Superbods fame]. When Carlie’s not busy with his ball duties, he’s shirtless commercially endorsing hard liquor.


Who can forget Neil Etheridge? The goalkeeper with the huge hands and large feet and … you get what I mean. Remember his Folded and Hung underwear stint as a model? Those were the days. Of course, he’s still a hottie these days [see pic above].


This is Ahmer Anthony, who once played trained with the Azkals as a midfielder/striker. He’s now doing the rounds of the bikini open sub-culture in the metro.


Gino Quintana

The indies’ VPL and frontal nudity regular  Gino Quintana is this year’s Best Supporting Actor in the most prestigious film awards body, Gawad Urian for his movie philippino story. The movie’s “a cautionary tale about the dangers of casual male prostitution.”  He’s now known as Junjun Quintana. Bet you didn’t get to see that flick, right? The trailer is here.



Because we like to see his near nakedness all the time, here’s another shot of clothes-averse model-of-the-moment Sam Ajdanii. The Bench Body model and Mr. World-Philippines 2015 is going places with his top model stature. He’s in practically every  fashion editorial and campaign in the metro. Of course, the naked images are more exciting to see.

Enzo’s Day



Actor, dancer and underwear model Enzo Pineda goes the extra [daring] mile again in Bench Body‘s latest campaign for back-to-school kids. He’s wearing the regulation bikini briefs for the local company. Of course, while his contemporaries are duking it out on the tv dance floor with their cutesy moves, Enzo’s putting on the sexy underthings for all the world to see.

Bikini Portion

spain81 spain82

The Philippine representative to the Mr. World 2014 contest in England, John Spainhour shows off what he’s going to wear in the swimwear competition. Pageant-crazy fans would be delighted to see John in this tiny ‘kini with butt-baring features. Kidding, of course.

Riding in bikes with boys

Maui0 copy

Isn’t he adorable? Time was when Mauro “Maui” Lumba was a struggling model flitting from one go-see to another. Then he got discovered for the runways.  Next followed the bit roles on tv. These days, he struck big after winning the 2014 edition of the Century Tuna Superbods. What’s next?

Pensive PJ

PJ9 copy

TV’s newest eye candy, PJ Go goes extra daring this time in his undies.  The 6′-tall former model, who dropped out of a Marketing course from the University of the East to pursue his, uh, passion, is now reaping the small rewards of showbiz, thanks to his savvy manager and talent agency behind him.



When the world was a wee bit younger,  teenagers new to showbiz, Matteo Guidicelli [front] and Dominic Roque gamely posed in their underwear, unaware of the bright future ahead for them. Of course, these days they got the memo from management never to strip naked in public anymore.

Tom Cat


The pièce de résistance in the back-to-school campaign of the local underwear brand is Tom Rodriguez, all beautiful legs, sturdy torso and a slight bump, er, bulge. Mr. Mott is taking center stage in Bench Body as one of the newest and more favored endorsers of the company’s underthings.

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