I may be seeing things, but Joem Bascon‘s photo above makes a good subject for wild imaginings. It must be the light, the angle or some stray shadow. I’m wishing it’s some sheer underwear though, revealing Joem’s, uh, anatomy.

Agassi’s Abs

He has abs after all. Underwear model and actor Carlos Agassi shows off his burly, bruising form in the new ad campaign for Guitar underwear, too. The 31-year-old hunk – known for his powerfully built figure – is still busy doing bit roles on tv.

More Joem

He’s finally stripped down to his undies and Joem Bascon can’t be any hotter these days. Guitar underwear was able to convince him as one of the new endorsers of the men’s line, and he’s blazing through in comfy skivvies. Hawt!

While My Guitar…

I look at the world and I notice it’s turning
While my guitar gently weeps…

Hey look! These ones are nice. Actors Joem Bascon [left] and Carlos Agassi add more heat to the summer in the newest ad campaign for Guitar underwear. This is the first time that tv and movie actor Joem Bascon is slipping into tiny briefs after his exposure in Folded and Hung years back. On the other hand, mighty muscled Carlos Agassi has been modeling the underwear brand for years, but it is only now that he’s fully donned the briefs for Guitar’s ads.

Lying In Wait

What is Ahron Villena up to these days? After his Survivor Philippines stint in GMA, he moved back to ABS-CBN to do bit roles in the stations soaps. He’s also an underwear model still, doing out-of-town and provincial shows to promote the brand, Walker. Candid photo above is from the latest collection of the underwear company.

Front, Back and Center

Speaking of underwear catalogs, model and occasional actor Brent Javier joined the lucrative world of undergarments models for direct-selling inventories and flyers by signing up a couple of years ago for Natasha. He’s still doing it after he transferred from top brand Bench Body. Nice bod, tacky briefs though.

Mr. Brazil

There’s another gorgeous Brazilian model in our midst. Quiet, tall and strikingly handsome. His name is Luciano Stranghetti, and he’s got a Mister Brazil title tucked somewhere under his abs and bulges. This 22-year-old hunk from São Paulo has been in the country for quite some time now, doing modeling jobs on the runway and in print ads. If he looks familiar, he’s the catalog underwear model for Avon. Yes, “the company for women” has a men’s line.

Many Happy Returns

It’s our favorite nippo-brasileiro underwear model, of course! Hideo Muraoka used to be the top guy for the undergarments line of Folded & Hung. He and his large crotch lorded over the billboards [and print ads] before for F & H‘s sexy tiny jockeys. Well, now he’s back to reclaim the title from the upstarts. Expect to see more of Hideo‘s images for the direct-selling clothing brand Milk & Co. in a few days to come.


There’s a new underwear endorser for a local brand and he’s still hot, hot, hot after appearing some time back in skimpy cotton briefs for another mark. This time, he’s donning the comfy whities plus a whole lot more of the printed ones, to boost the brand’s line. Who is he?

It’s Him!

He’s on a roll! Fast and furious! Twenty-three-year-old actor Ahron Villena is very visible these days. Pretty soon there will be billboards in the metro with images of him in Walker briefs. Yes, he’s the new endorser of the Walker underwear line, and here’s the PR: Walker is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of quality underwear. It was established in 1954. Four decades later, Walker has become a success story of determination and perseverance, tirelessly working to remain at the forefront of underwear designs and innovations to provide Filipinos with a variety of choices that exude fashionable comfort and quality at less cost. With the launching of Walker’s latest collection, comes the new face of Walker, Ahron Villena. Ahron’s virile image and boyish charm makes him one of today’s hottest multimedia personalities. These, aside from his very active lifestyle, embraces the masculine spirit that Walker embodies.
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