Jon With Hair

In the olden days, Bench was a fledgling brand and Jon Hall was a hot underwear model with lots of hair on his head. Plus he has this amazing bod and bulge, too! Of course, the Cebuano model, who has since ventured into showbiz, is still looking sexy these days, sans the thick mane.


That was another time. This daring see-through phase of the bikini contests and shows of yore. That’s John Miller, erstwhile Men of Provoq member who was reduced to doing sexy shows after the band folded up. Now retired from showbiz, the half-Australian ex-hunk is now private citizen Miller up North.


Question: Do you like your man inked big-time like 22-year-old Filipino-American 

model Paul Drake here? Or maybe, just the plain old squeaky-clean type, 
sans piercings and body art?

Man Meat

Bench Body has another new model and they released this hazy BTS image of a sexy behemoth just recently. It turns out, he’s 35-year-old Korean-American basketball player Eric Lee Sandrin or Lee Seung-Jun who made quite a splash here during the FIBA Asian games last August. The photoshoot came as result of a petition filed by rabid fans of the 6’9′-tall hunk who wanted to see him nekkid for the local underwear brand. Wish granted.

Monday Man

Every Monday, we get a dose of John Spainhour. This time, he’s in jockstraps! Sexy underwear that’s airy enough for the nether regions. It looks like the trend in underwear modelling these days is natural and raw. Sweet!

Another One

And another model for the new Bench Body line! Young and fresh, he’s 19-year-old Brazilian model Renan Corbani. I sure hope this is the great start of showcasing underwear models on as-is basis, sans photo manipulation to cover the bumps and blobs. Well, of course, they can do away with the warts, zits, fungi and various skin infestations.

New Model

The latest model in the long line of underwear endorsers for Bench Body is 24-year-old Brazilian hunk Joao Chiaffitelli. The 6′-tall model once joined the Mr. Brazil competition in 2011. As for the endorsement?  Surprisingly, this time, the underwear company did not photoshop the bulging details for public consumption.

Dear HBG [half-bikini guy]

I understand it is de rigueur for you, this half-bikini thing. Guess what? I found a real one for you! 
It’s from a Spanish brand called Alter – the “string lateral flash” product. A bit pricey at 22 euros, it’s described as “ultra sexy that encloses one side of the waist, comfort and lateral support are provided by the fabric’s high elastane content.” Meaning it won’t fall off easily. So  you see Mr. HBG, you don’t have to belabor that poor bikini of yours, anymore. Call or email me, I ordered all colors just for you.  

Body is a weapon

Speaking of Harry, his former pal and roommate Paulo Avelino is raking it in in show business. After his transfer to ABS-CBN years ago he became a household name, landing lead roles in the prime time soaps of the station. He went underwear sexy, too, in the Bench Body ads a couple of years ago. When will he don those little underthings again?

June Pride

What’s in store for international pageant winner June Macasaet after his “reign” ends? Will he join showbiz as an actor in soaps or comedy shows? Or maybe go back to modelling local designer clothes [and underwear]? Perhaps, he can make a go for another bikini contest to show off his still buff physique. 
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