Mr. Clean


Underwear model and occasional actor Marx Topacio is getting to be more daring. Well, at least in his underwear ads, which he has done for a few years already. This time, he’s putting on some hints of a bulge. Of course, that will do for now for this handsome Filipino model.



Another hot Brazilian in our midst! Osny Fernandez is all set to be the newest endorser of a local underwear brand. The nipo-brasileiro has already appeared in the fashion runways and even the Cosmo Bachelor Bash last year, before snagging the endorsement.




Top Sam


Sammy72 copy

Still one of Bench Body‘s favorite models, Sam Ajdani is coming out with a risqué campaign soon. Of course, you’ve seen him in the one-minute videos of the local underwear company in various states of undress akin to John Spainhour‘s soft porn teasing.  This hunk is scorching hot!

Tie Guy

IMG_0181 copy

In bikini contests, rampant this side of town in this hot, hot season, the boys tease and please in the skimpiest of undies. This eighteen-year-old contestant, who goes by the name of Henry Enriquez may not have won the top plum in the competition but he surely wowed the crowd that night with his extra bold moves. For about 15 minutes or so.

IMG_0180 copy

So It’s You!



Dance, Dance

IMG_1997 copy

The Summer King is also a great dancer. Not exactly your go-go boy, but he’s one of the featured sexy boys in the popular gay dance club Bed Bar in the metro. On weekend nights [and early mornings], he’s in his bright skimpy undergarments entertaining the wild crowd.  Reza Moico a.k.a. Richard Moico is blazin’ hot!


IMG_7433 copy
And so we move to a new platform. After days of migrating all the posts for the past 7 years  [and interrupted postings], we’re back to semi-regular duty.  Our first guy on the VPL block is popular male model Maverick Kelvin Mangilit. You’ve seen him in the Fashion Week series, Bench Body shows and Cosmopolitan [Phils] Bachelor Bash in skimpy underclothes. Of course, he’s good at teasin’ and taunting in his sexy poses.

Summer King

The Summer King is daring. He’s not deathly afraid of the sun. He likes to wear skimpy briefs like second skin. Reza Moico a.k.a. Richard Moico won the title Summer King over the weekend in some bikini contest in a metro bar. Do you think he deserves it?

Big and Tall

Long-limbed hunk Vince Ferraren is sporting a new look [right]. It’s something different from what we were used to: the adorable boy-next-door look. This time, he’s doing that porn star bit, with a naughty and wicked mug. Which Vince do you prefer?
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