Now this is tough: If you were to choose between Luke Jickain and Vin Abrenica, who would it be and why? Older or younger? The mestizo one, or the moreno guy? Large pink areolae or small dark nips?
How about between James Zablan and Sam Ajdanii? Hard model bodies with interesting faces. One’s in the industry for long already – say, ten years or more, and he’s still getting good projects on the runways. The other’s fairly new and sought-after.  Take your pick.

Butt Boys

It’s not all about the bulges, VPLs and frontals. Some like fleshy 
and round buttocks, too.
Actor-athlete Derek Ramsay shows off in his pink tights.

Bench Body resident teaser Sam Ajdani wants it up close.

 And international model for underwear John Spainhour likes to clench it.


What do tall, cute and sexy boys from far, far away lands do on this side of the earth? Why, they model underwear, of course! From boxers and briefs to t-backs and g-strings, these models have no general qualms about wearing them in photo shoots.  Just part of the job. In photo: Christian Arno Williams.

Happy Birthday A!

Happy Birthday A! You’re officially 27 here in Asia. 
Enjoy your time in Las Vegas with your boyfriend!
(Lay off the slot machines, though.)

Vince is ❤

Because we never get tired of seeing his bod.., er, bulge and handsome mug, here’s another Vince Ferraren image in standard Bench Body briefs. Yes, he’s one of the favorites in the underwear company’s backlot (or basement) and we’ll be seeing more of him in racy, risqué pictures soon!


The crazy-abs guy is back! Rendon Labador is working it, sexing up the hot bods department in the local modelling front.  Maybe his body should be the new standard for local models – ripped, tight, hard and bronzed. That would be the day.

Jon Hall Had Hair

In the olden days, Jon Hall had hair. He looked like a naughty college jock. Back then he was the favorite underwear model of a fledgling brand, Bench. Jon was one of the original endorsers for the men’s briefs brand. He has since retired, after modelling countless underthings for Bench.


Before the Brazilians and the fly-in models lorded it over the local runways, the male models that we had were these ones. The kind you would sometimes see in the inner city street corners, drinking high-proof distilled spirits with their shirts off. Well, they have nice bods and cute faces, too. From left: Jovic Susim, Bjorn Aguilar, Laxie Villar, Don Mendoza, Kerbie Zamora and Lem Pelayo

Front and Back

The office boys are off to work in jackets and shirts and colorful underpants. Vince Ferraren shows off his swelling, or some hint of it.  On the other hand, hunky John Spainhour displays his round mounds of flesh.

Sexy as Sin

Remember that ultra ripped guy at the recent Speedo fashion show? Well, he’s not ugly as sin, after all. Rendon Labador displays his ridiculous body, just in time for the summer. The former University of the East basketball player lists himself as a freelance actor, model and art director.
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