Up and coming model Reza Moico is making himself known. The Filipino-Iranian hunk has already appeared on tv, doing the rounds of soaps and shows in ABS-CBN.  When he’s not busy with showbiz work, he does bikini competitions to show off his hot bod.

Fantasy Hunk

How about a delish guy waiting for you in bed, his manly, musky scent – with high levels of testosterone – wafting through the small room? Like Sam Ajdani maybe, in tiny cheap-ass undies. 

Racy Diego

He’s back! Brazilian model Diego Furoni, known for his risqué photo shoots,  was recently sighted as one of the contestants in Eat Bulaga’s You’re My Foreignoy. Knowing Diego’s knack of shedding clothes in an instant, they really should’ve put in a swimwear portion in the competition.

Le Sac

What will the noontime shows think of next? Butch and handsome lesbians, sexy gay guys, cute drifters, and now we have foreign models competing on national tv. You’re My Foreignoy, they call it. One of the recent contestants was Antoine Guyon, a French model sojourning in Manila. I think they should have a skimpy swimwear portion.

The Endorser

And yeah, Carlos Agassi is one of the few underwear endorsers who can really hack it. Muscular, with well-defined bulges here and there. Cute bubble butt. Handsome mug. The 32-year-old hunk, when he’s not busy in his home gym and posing for his Guitar underwear endorsement, appears in bit roles on tv sometimes.

In Red

Perpetually boyish Jiro Shirakawa is our boy for the Chinese New Year! Decked in lucky red underwear, Jiro’s hot Oriental look is making him one of the busiest guys for booking this side of town. Aside from his underwear endorsement for a direct-selling company, he appears in almost every runway show, TV commercial and print ad.

New Guy

Okay, I’m wondering, too. Eric Sandrin is a big and tall guy, no doubt, with his 6’9″ stats. His latest Bench Body outing in briefs  and shorts could not reveal the real score, er, size. The only question left to ask is: Do taller guys have longer penises?

The Cruzes

The Cruz clan is a good-looking lot in showbiz. The guys, they go sexy shit, sometimes.

On top of the list is ex-actor Renzo Cruz, who was a Playboy underwear model then …
… before he became one of the go-to guys in the soft-porn movie craze of the early 90s.

He likes hitting the pool table
and lounging outside. Nekkid.
And then there’s little-known Joemar Cruz,

who starred in late unlamented flicks 
First Time…Like A Virgin and Campus Girls, all in 1992.
Cut to present-day sexy Cruz bodies.
Bodie Cruz is daring and baring! In the meantime, he appears in bit roles on tv.
The more famous Cruz these days, Rayver and …
Rodjun – two sexy, shirtless chunks of hard and sweaty flesh!

G-Force Royce

Isn’t he a cutie, this Royce Chua of the G-Force Stallions, that popular group of bump-and-grinders composed of cute boys? Did you know that four years ago….

… he was sporting a tight bikini as one of the frontrunners in the Heatwave: The Summer Bikini Showdown? Back then, he was using his real name, Raymond Fortunado. A few repairs here and some adjustments there, he’s now one of the cutest members of the group. Et voila!


Mister International 4th runner-up Gil Wagas is smokin’ the bikini! The 6’3″-tall reed-thin cutie is one of the more popular male mods in town, after his international exposure. He used to play hoops for the University of the East Red Warriors. 
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