Jon With The Silly Grin

What would you do if you see Jon Hall on your doorstep, nearly naked in a pair of green briefs and a naughty grin? Let him in and do the deed? Or slam the door on his face [and bulge]? He may be getting a bit older in model years but the original Bench Body underwear model is still packing the goods.

Now and Then

The “NOW”part would have to be the one in green. For a time, Jon Mullally a.k.a. Jon Avila lorded it over the Bench Body underwear empire as one of the favoritest models. Now, he’s hardly seen on national tv and the ads of the underthings company. With the latest image of Jon, is he still hawt? Hypothetically, would you pay Php 50k just to be with him?

Best Bodie

Hell yeah, that’s Bodie Cruz, one-time reality show contestant and bit player on tv and the movies! He’s the cousin of the bodybuilding siblings Rodjun and Rayver, his gym buddies. Bodie’s been training extensively getting that rock-hard bod. Maybe he’ll do commercial underwear shoots, or the Cosmo Bash next year. Someone take notice of Bodie!

Merry Christmas!


For throwback day, actor Jason Abalos makes an appearance. This was taken when he was still starting out as an underwear model. Cute and boyish despite his age, Jason was an endorser for Cotton Club for years before turning over the reins to Victor Basa.


The king of bikini contests is arguably Allen Molina. His derring-do on stage is one for the books. Butt, gouch and lots of uncovered skin make him the winner in almost all of the competitions in town [and out of town]. What prompted him to do such acts is anyone’s wild guess, as he could have gone the easy path to showbiz cutesy-ness with his charming boyish face and hot bod. 

Jon With Hair

In the olden days, Bench was a fledgling brand and Jon Hall was a hot underwear model with lots of hair on his head. Plus he has this amazing bod and bulge, too! Of course, the Cebuano model, who has since ventured into showbiz, is still looking sexy these days, sans the thick mane.


That was another time. This daring see-through phase of the bikini contests and shows of yore. That’s John Miller, erstwhile Men of Provoq member who was reduced to doing sexy shows after the band folded up. Now retired from showbiz, the half-Australian ex-hunk is now private citizen Miller up North.


Question: Do you like your man inked big-time like 22-year-old Filipino-American 

model Paul Drake here? Or maybe, just the plain old squeaky-clean type, 
sans piercings and body art?

Man Meat

Bench Body has another new model and they released this hazy BTS image of a sexy behemoth just recently. It turns out, he’s 35-year-old Korean-American basketball player Eric Lee Sandrin or Lee Seung-Jun who made quite a splash here during the FIBA Asian games last August. The photoshoot came as result of a petition filed by rabid fans of the 6’9′-tall hunk who wanted to see him nekkid for the local underwear brand. Wish granted.
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