Speaking of basketball sons, did you know that basketball great Alvin Patrimonio has a son who went on stage at the Bench Universe show in his underwear? Twenty-four-year-old Angelo Patrimonio is no showbiz newbie as he appeared in ABS-CBN shows before trying his luck in Artista Academy [won by Vin Abrenica].  

Under the Klieg Lights

You have to give it to these models. They can boldly walk the runways in tight skivvies in front of strangers. Of course, they have fab bods and all. Just like Marx Topacio, a seasoned underwear model. He’s been doing those itty-bitty underthings for years!

Lubed with Sweat

Whatever happened to the Philippine Volcanoes as underwear models for Bench Body? Oh, I want them back for Bench Body, their hot muscular bodies lubed with sweat as they pose for the photo and video shoots. Just like Chris Everingham here, who’s not very shy when it comes to showing off his mighty bod. 


Boyish-at-thirtyish actor and ex-underwear-model Jason Abalos is busy on television again. He’s in the Filipino remake of the popular Mexican telenovela Maria Mercedes. Jason is playing the role of Clavio, the childhood friend of the lead skank.  Expect to see more shirtless scenes of the guy in the series.


The guy tasked to portray the Filipino comic book character Zuma on prime time tv is erstwhile varsity baller and model Derick Hubalde.  He’s the big and scary green man with two giant snakes on his shoulders. The 6’2″-tall hunk was also an underwear model in the past.

Grainy Pics

Grainy pics. Old pics Sunday. At the biennial Bench underwear show in 2006 dubbed as Bench Fever, the models came out hot and ready for the fleshfest. 

 A then-unknown model by the name of Jon Mullally appeared on stage in tiny jocks. 
He went on to become a Bench underwear model favorite.

 Bit player Marco Alcaraz also showed his fine moreno form.

 Veteran model Luke Jickain could hardly contain his excitement and hard-on.

 Model Robby Mananquil was game, pre-rhinolasty.

Promising model Iago Raterta made his last appearance before becoming an illegal alien in the US.

And, of course, the cream of the crop then – a butt-nekkid Andrew Wolff!

Degrees of Ugly

There are many degrees of ugly. For instance, some may find international model Paolo Roldan attractive. Others abhor his look. No doubt he has a crazy bod, but when Bench Body hauled his ass  off to Manila and put up giant billboards of his images, no one really went gaga over the guy.  Is Manila not cosmopolitan enough for this erstwhile Givenchy model? Or is Paolo really butt ugly? 

Hall of Fame

Those were the days. That time when the male models were rough and raw. Bold and daring. Hard edged, actually. With lots of body hair. The time of Jon Hall, in tiny underwear, posing and primping for a fledgling undergarments brand called Bench.  Unabashedly walking down the ramp for Cosmo Bash, after his centerfold shot in the Cosmo [Phils] magazine.  Bring it all back Bench and Cosmo!

Rafael Then

In the olden days and for Throwback Thursday, actor and ex-Bench exhibitionist model Rafael Rosell looked like this – hale and hearty. He showed so much promise then for the underwear company, as he went on to appear in countless ads showing his mighty bod. Today, he’s into full-time tv acting, looking a bit less healthy as a vegan.  


Top model Sammy is our Man Monday. The 23-year-old model, who was once featured as one of the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine hunks, is swamped with runway offers. Thanks to his swarthy good looks and height, he’s booking all the major shows this season. 

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