T-back Thursday

In the olden days, the performers wore this. Lacey and tacky and sexy and come-hither. It was good and the men were more on the good looking side. Just like John Miller here, Filipino-Australian bump-grinder of the past. I wonder where he is now, John of the different eye hues?

Big Boy

They’re getting bigger and bigger. These Semerad twins. I think Bench Body never had large-sized men before as underwear models from the time of the hard-muscled and -fat rugby members of the Philippine Volcanoes. Do you like big boys?

Sam Oh

Question: Do you think barely legal Sam Concepcion is ready for the underwear league? Like, model in skimpy skivvies, bulges, butt and all? For Bench Body, knowing how flimsy the cheap fabrics can get, Sam could show some strong stuff he’s made of. The kid’s showing some promise, right? Be nice.

Barely There

From Luciano chic to …

Allen chintzy, the thong is making a comeback in men’s underwear fashion. I think. It’s sexy and groin -baring! Plus, this type of underwear offers very little protection [and cover] and leaves much to the prurient imagination. Kinky, right?

The Snake Charmer

And it had to happen. The snake making its way into the props department of an underwear campaign. Despite the double entendre, Borgy Manotoc is nailing the sexy photo shoot for Bench Body‘s holiday line.  

Jakey Goes To The Circus

What’s a Bench Body campaign without the resident exhibitionist? Come hell or ugly butt, Jake Cuenca is given his spotlight in the underwear company’s ads and shows. After all, he’s the most favored and loyal of them all. All, of course,  refers to the bulge-baring male models of yore who lorded it over Bench Body in the not-so distant past. Isn’t he still a hottie?


This is the pose. Legs apart, with a hint of crotch and some gouch, you know, that area between the balls and the hole.  Oh, this Vince Ferraren is tempting and taunting. He’s blazin’ in dem rigid red undies for Bench Body‘s holiday collection. 
And here’s another pose.

Pits Bull

Those pits, with lots of hair untrimmed! I wish it’s the same in the shrubbery down there – thick, dark, and maybe, fresh. Oh, such dirty thoughts on this guy – Marx Topacio, who’s one hot, tall-dark-and-handsome model!

John Clocks In

And he’s baaack! Bench Body main hunk in the Skimpy Underwear Department, John Spainhour is headlining this season’s set of underclothes for the local brand. Expect to see John in revealing skivvies in the cold months to come. He’s making a comeback after a long hiatus from the underwear modelling scene.

Imagining Ahron

One’s real, the other fake. If you’re trying to figure out how hot Ahron Villena is, maybe this fan-made photo [right] will do the trick. More or less. The on-off bit player is busy these days with some soap stints in ABS-CBN. Will he finally go all out in a photo shoot soon?
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