Magic Men

There’s a new group called Pinoy Magic Men, and it’s wonderfully composed of boys from all walks and uh, persuasion in local show business. I featured the first three members before – Vin, Albie and Marco – off to the US for a series of shows with drag queens. The other half of the team is made up of Jay, Markki and Victor, who – if you ask me – could still give the younger ‘uns a run for their milk money.

Man Friday


And so we focus the spotlight today on Victor Basa. Not much news on this hunky model-actor. Except that he’s teasing and pleasing in his boxer briefs mode. What’s next for Victor?

Team Victor

Victor09Despite being away from the showbiz limelight, model-actor Victor Basa is still fodder for news. People are speculating about his current relationship status, considering that his highly-visible girlfriend has not been posting photos of them together lately.  Will that mean a full showbiz comeback for this sexy guy?Victor19Eight years ago this was my post [April 12, 2007]: In a recent interview with Him Magazine [cover: Lino Cayetano], it was revealed that his father was a lawyer [who died a few years back from throat cancer] and his mother “dabbled in painting.” His uncle is flamboyant designer Paolo Basa [it was erroneously reported before that the designer is Victor’s pop]. When asked about his mother in the interview, he was hesitant to talk about her, and merely mumbled “she is somewhere doing her own thing.” That is awfully sad, as it was implied that he is not that close to his mother. Incidentally, he moved out of the family home in Valle Verde across the street, and lives with his 10-year old brother. Here’s wishing more luck in the biz for this smart and deep young man.

Fit and right

victorI love me some Victor Basa, who never seems to age. He’s looking better than ever. Fit and oh so sexy, this guy has an amazing presence. And addicting! How can you not like such a face and body! Plus, he is all sugar and spice and everything nice. Okay, now I’m gushing again I have to stop.

Flesh and flash

miketanIf there’s one thing in common between these boys, it would have to be their being unlikely underwear models. Well, make it two: they are meek and quiet. They speak softly and carry big sticks. I think.  Magic Mike Tan is sexy in all kinds of ways – tall frame, lean bod, bulges in the right places, and of course, a handsome face to boot. And meek and quiet.

VictorNow, Victor Basa, too. Still remember his tag in the Big Brother House a few years back? The Lonely Dreamboy. He’s utterly reserved with an excruciatingly sad air. Don’t we just love his mysterious aura up until now? Plus the sturdy legs, the luscious lips, the strong arms, that mighty bump down there. I could go on. And meek and quiet.


Victor650 copy

Hottie Victor Basa‘s photo above makes a good subject for wild imaginings. It must be the light, the angle or some stray shadow. I’m wishing it’s some sheer underwear though, revealing Victor’s, uh, anatomy. Just the same, he is one hot, tall-dark-and-handsome underwear model!

Hunky excited man


Another Victor. Hunk with the bee-stung lips Victor Basa is in tighty whities! Padding or not, images of Victor in undies are still fodder for fantasy, as we get to see him in those tighty whities very rarely. He is simply divine, a sight to behold! He deserves a pat in the bulge.


Or you prefer Victor in a cheap-ass bikini, instead?


I guess we should all try…


Victor Basa‘s plump and tight derrière. This underwear statement thing could be an express invitation.


It surely is hot seeing a full-grown man with a handsome mug, in his briefs, sexy and sweaty you could almost smell the strong scent from his bod. Victor knows how to tease, really.

To the Victor go the spoils


Model and occasional actor Victor Basa still looks hot after all these years. Well, actually, after only about eight or so years in showbiz. Time was when he was a thin and brooding boy who signed on to ABS-CBN’s talent arm for its shows and soaps. Now, the 28-year-old pouty hunk gets his star brighter, this time as an underwear endorser.

Another Victor

And how’d you like our new underwear model so far?
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