Metro Body: Victor and then some

How about Victor Basa wearing nothing but some manly scent and his privates covered by a Ferragamo bag? No? Not doing it for you again, eh?
Well, maybe this one? Victor for his new endorsement Cotton Club underwear, formerly worn by Jason Abalos and Aljur Abrenica

Monday Miscellany

Contributions from far and wide.
Carlos Agassi wants to do a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.
Young actor Albie Casino is getting buff. Maybe he’ll drop the pants soon
Aljur Abrenica is averse to shirts when performing on tv and we’re not complaining.
Benjamin Alves is the new model of the camel-toe shorts.
Bodie Cruz wants to fly with his new bod.
When  will Daniel Matsunaga bare his untrimmed 70s bush again?
This would have to be Ian Porlayagan in yellow shorts showering outdoors with his rich friend.
JC de Vera would have loved to shower with rich friend, too.
Cutie model Lancer Serrano could be an actor. Or a nude model.
And what’s with the Markki Stroem fascination lately? He’s taken. For now.
Paulo Avelino is gaining weight. Not hot.
This is hot: ex-underwear model Raph Almeda doing a bathroom selfie.
Model Mark McMahon‘s body highlighted by bad stage lighting.
Victor Basa is a new underwear endorser.
And dear Zuher Bautista wants you, us to leave them alone!

Vintage + Sunday

Mashup vintage Sunday. A few years ago, Rhum Palermo [left] was channeling a construction worker with a raging hard-on. Last Sunday, at the GMA noontime show, bit players and underwear models Pancho Magno [middle] and Victor Basa were also rockin’ the laborer-craftsmen look in a song-dance number. If only they were more daring. I wish.

New Underwear Model

The newest comeback kid in the Underwear Endorsers Club is model-actor Victor Basa, who’s getting another career revival via the controversial My Husband’s Lover series.  Victor was recently signed up by Cotton Club underwear, previously worn by Aljur Abrenica and Jason Abalos. Victor is no stranger to modeling skivvies as he has already done Bench Body and Penshoppe.


There were some epic moments in the recently held Cosmo Bachelors Bash. 
The boys got naughty and they got carried away. 
 Carlos Agassi jigged and dropped his pants to reveal gaudy Guitar underwear.
 Sam Ajdanii revealed some coin drop.
 JC de Vera opened his fly and teased the audience.
 Singer Markki Stroem wanted to pull his shorts down. Propriety got the better of him.

 Actor and dancer Rayver Cruz grabbed a banana and slammed it into some fat male person.

Model-actor Victor Basa had a hard-on he can’t quite contain.
Cosmo cover boy Alden Richards went greasy all over.
Tall model Martin Flores donned tighty whities.And then got wet.

The Victors

Speaking of “hotter,” and in case you’re wondering what’s up with Victor Basa and Victor Aliwalas, here’s some PR: The two Victors are hosting a show called Appetite Wars, airing on 2nd Avenue Channel on 20 May 2013 [Monday] 6 to 7 p.m. [with replays on Sundays at 1 p.m.] produced by TV 100 of One Mega Group, Inc.  The show features a mouth-watering battle of skills among culinary talents from all walks of life competing against one another to please the palate of dinner-party celebrity guests.  Sounds interesting.

Beach Boys

My only wish these days – with the flooding of my Timeline with countless Boracay photos of friends and random strangers [e.g. Boracay day 1, day 2, day 35, ugh], is this: more good-looking, hunky boys in dem pictures in the bestest beach in the world! Just like images of Victor Basa [leftmost], Will Devaughn [middle] or Derek Ramsay, shirtless and primping and flexing under the sun. Well, a smattering of bikini boys would be a welcome sight, too.


Is Victor Basa staging a comeback this year in showbiz ? He retreated from tv and movie work when he became the escort of a fake heiress – the one whose family was involved in the billion-peso housing scam. Although he has been busy crowding out the society pages of leading dailies and magazines, the 26-year-old ex-model hasn’t done any projects lately for tv and the movies. Will he be back this 2012?