The Vinces

Vince1Monday’s feature is all about this unrelated duo of boys, except for the fact they share(d) a common name. Model Vince Canizares once dominated the runways of Manila. That was a decade ago, and he’s still at it.  It meaning modeling, although now, he’s too inked, dividing his hordes of fans whether they still like him or not. I still like him, if you ask me.

Vince2Benjamin Sapida used to be called Vince Saldaña when he was just starting out in a reality show for cute boys. Today, he’s known as Benjamin Alves and his body of work consists of movies, afternoon soaps on tv, and walking and posing in his Bench Body underwear a couple of years back. Some body of work, actually.

The Year That Was: Breakthrough

The boys who made some noise this year. Struggling GMA actor Enzo Pineda donned tight underwear for Bench Body and appeared in print ads and billboards to the delight of girls and girls alike. Of course, he got noticed big time. By the time he pulled his pants down in the sexy events Bench Universe and Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash, the excitement over this young man has waned. 

And then there’s puppy-dog-eyed Martin del Rosario who had his first lead role in an ABS-CBN afternoon soap, where he had to be shirtless most of the time. The sexy photos for the promo of the soap helped a lot, as rumors spread about his large member. The buzz also swirled around his closeness to a particular commercial model and bit player on tv who went by the name of Zuher.

Ah, there’s Benjamin Alves also, resurrected from showbiz oblivion. The former Vince Saldana, whose claim to relative fame is his blood relations with Piolo Pascual, is one of the busiest actors these days in GMA. His appearances in the Bench Body ads also upped his rankings in the sexy meter.  

Star Turn

Three years ago, I wrote about this guy. [Read entry here]. I still feel the same make-him-famous-because-he’s-cute schtick. Benjamin Sapida a.k.a. Vince Saldana first came into local showbiz consciousness via the reality show CloseUp To Fame. He appeared in some shows on ABS-CBN and then retreated from the limelight to finish school in Guam. Now, Piolo‘s adorable nephew is back as an exclusive actor in GMA with the name Benjamin Alves. Make him famous, puhleeze!

Piolo’s Nephew

Someone take heed and make him a star, a big star! Apparently, his uncle – the great Piolo Pascual has not been pulling some strings over at ABS-CBN just so the cute 22-year-old Vince Saldana could snag some big projects. Maybe uncle Piolo believes that his nephew will survive in the biz by sheer talent and looks alone. Rightly so, Vince Saldana is destined to be big, given the right boost and breakthrough. He could take the route of, say Dennis Trillo who was a nobody in ABS-CBN until GMA-7 paid attention to a talented and charming guy.