Jon With Hair

In the olden days, Bench was a fledgling brand and Jon Hall was a hot underwear model with lots of hair on his head. Plus he has this amazing bod and bulge, too! Of course, the Cebuano model, who has since ventured into showbiz, is still looking sexy these days, sans the thick mane.


And there’s a sudden surge of requests for photos of Maico Eduria a.k.a. Josh Ivan Morales. Here’s one I can pull out from the files. Your favorite Tito Jo is back, thanks to his tv exposures [he’s doing bit roles in the prime time soaps]. He was last seen doing back up in the ABS-CBN prime time soap Honesto.

Kirstey’s Alley

You may not recognize him now as an up-and-coming model. He’s pretty much gone mainstream. Kirstey Viray looked liked this four years ago, when he was competing in a bikini contest by the public pool in Sampaloc, Manila. He was already into that wet look, VPL thing before it became a fad (to get more winning votes) in the sleazefests. Hot, right?

Rafael Then

This used to be Rafael Rosell, hale and hearty before he became gaunt and ghostly. This was taken when he was just starting out, showing a lot of promise and determination to succeed in showbiz – come bikini or high water. He did make it alright, in fact he was one of the favorites in the underwear brand’s stable of talents. These days, he’s playing bit roles in GMA.

Wrecking Ball

Long before the nudity-and-wrecking-ball visuals became a fad, Zanjoe Marudo was already rockin’ it years ago for the promo of Bench Fever, the 2006 version of the biennial underwear show of the local underwear company. He was hot then as he is now.
Here is how he looked like then, when his management agency still had no restrictions on wearing underwear [and gaudy clothing] in public.    


When the world was a wee bit younger, Andrew Wolff looked like this. Fresh as a daisy, in a cute innocent boy kind of way. Of course, he looks like a chunky hunky full-grown man now, still sexy and  handsome as fuck  – post rumors of bookings and secret rendezvous with rich happy clients. 

The Other Legaspi Brother

There was a time when actor Zoren Legaspi [who is turning 39 years old today] acknowledged that “Zoren” is actually not his real name but the birth name of his older brother. Since he was the first of the Legaspi brothers to enter show business, he took on the name for more recall. In photo is older brother Brando Legaspi [who is turning 41 on 4 February]. He entered showbiz rather late, full three years after Zoren. He’s now an assistant director for Zoren’s shows.