It’s freaky Friday! Time to relax and unwind, as the weekend’s here. Our TGIF guy is former Viva Hotmen member James Mercado a.k.a. Jerwin Mercado , who starred in the 2007 digital feature Hanggang Dito na Lamang at Maraming Salamat. In the movie, he’s the young man who’s the object of affection [and affectations] of two older homosexuals. Reportedly, he had frontal nudity scenes in the feature. Jerwin also did a couple of straight-to-video soft-porn flicks for Viva Films. He’s now retired from showbiz.

Stunner: Ethan Zulueta

Ethan Zulueta [Mark Santos in the real world] was one of the better looking members of the pioneering provocative primp-and-prance pack, the Viva Hotmen.  He did a couple of straight-to-video flicks for his group, most notable of which was the one where he did a shower and massage scene totally naked with another member, McMeil Dennison. After a bit of luck in theater and his group got disbanded, he disappeared from showbiz.  He could still be seen around bars and clubs in the city. Socializing.

John Harren Cuevas. Angelic.

Whatever happened to one of the better-looking members of Viva Hotmen, who went by the name of  John Harren Cuevas After doing the straight-to-video movies Pinoy Kamasutra and Erotic Lapdance he disappeared forever.  John Harren was a product [and winner] of bikini contests, such as BodyHeat Model Search, Mister Caloocan City 2002 and Mr. Face and Body Bikini open 2003 – prior to joining the Viva Hotmen. He joined the group when it was just about to disband. 

Alken absent

One of the more promising Viva Hotmen then was 6′-tall hunk Alken Miranda.  He was described as the shy and quiet member. Noticeably, he was also one of the more goodlooking guys in the bunch. Yet, when the group disbanded, he disappeared from the klieg lights.  Too, his manager went on to concentrate on the career of a dark-skinned singer  [the one who was rejected as a Viva Hotmen member, ejected as a singer by GMA 7, and gladly welcomed by ABS-CBN].  Too bad, Alken Miranda could have made it even better in showbiz. He is sorely missed.

Paolo Serrano saga

Aah, the power of the web log. After the phenomenal rise of the blog of the Aussie who got crossed by a Filipino grifter, many took heed and wrote their own against people who hurt them. One of them is up against Paolo Serrano, recent subject, too, of a video scandal. Apparently, there are serious allegations against the guy and his friends [a girl friend and a bikini open guy] ganging up on the poor and hapless blogger. If you have time, go search for the blog. Makes for an interesting reading, if only for the gossip and gore factors. Peace out!

Paolo Serrano with [some] clothes on

If you google Paolo Serrano, chances are you will see posts titled “Paolo Serrano scandal.” Of course, given the penchant of most Filipinos to label a roughly-made video worthy of xtube as a “scandal”, that scandal is of the handsome ex-Viva Hotmen member spanking the monkey on cam, in the confines of his room. Paolo is a Computer Science graduate [from Perpetual Help College in Laguna] and a ramp model, before he became a member of the pioneering group Viva Hotmen. He was last seen -playing coy – in the video Masahe M2M.

Alken and Paolo

Paolo Serrano [bottom pic] and Alken Miranda were members of the now-disbanded VivaHotmen. Paolo Serrano, reportedly only 20 years old, is active in the indie circuit – having appeared recently in movies such as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Hipo and the controversial direct-to-video Masahe M2M. On the other hand, 23-year old Alken Miranda seemed to have disappeared into oblivion after doing the Kama Sutra video a few years back.

Where’s McMeil Dennison?

No doubt this moreno hunk was the most daring member of Provoq-forebear, The Viva Hotmen. Cebu-native Mcmeil Dennison, who claims he’s half-Irish, is also the most toned guy in his batch – with 8-pack abs to boot. Prior to his Viva stint, McMeil was the product of several bikini contests such as Beach Bodies [winner] of IBC-13, Hunks and Babes in Bikinis Contest [winner], Mr. and Ms. Sexy Body [second place], and Manhunt-Philippines 2004 [3d RU]. During the CD launch of the Viva Hotmen’s first video at the Island Cove Resort in Cavite, McMeil tore his t-back bikini and threw it at the audience. His episode in the video was the most watched as he stayed under the waterfalls in flimsy white skivvies. Also, he did a homo-erotic male massage-in-the-shower scene with fellow member, Ethan Zulueta. Lustfully missed, where’s McMeil Dennison these days?

What’s with Cedric Javier?

The last post on Cedric Javier has generated many comments and emails from readers, mostly pointing out bitty proportions and money changing hands. Some even emailed his real name: Christopher Libunao, from Antipolo City. For whatever it’s [or he’s] worth, Cedric Javier sure deserved some second look, another close scrutiny at a gay man’s lust-have. Did he break hearts? Satisfy some fantasies? Or dissipate some energies [and funds] along the way? Was he worth it? I can only second-guess from all the emails and comments. Other victims, lovers, lunatics can come out now and speak.