Miscellany Saturday

Today I am posting your contributions – photos of half-nekkid boys that went through the mail. Some are too good not to share. Young and not-so young actors and celebs. They are all here!

Albie got older and sexier.

Bugz Daigo married a transexual. Read the news.
Carl is still a bit player in GMA.

Dennis is a big star now in GMA, thanks to that gay soap.

Derrick just turned 18. He could be a big star in GMA.

On the other side, Enrique is such a tease whenever he bumps and grinds.

Hideo is horny.
Ian has a flat butt.

And I didn’t know Johnron and Marco have a movie together.

Jobless Jon is still a hottie. Put him in the indies fast!

Matteo has a big bod and big arms and yummy pits!
Cute boy Vivo got gaunt. Post prison.

Has-been Wendell is not so fat after all.

And the king of selfies is Ahron.
At the gym.

In the love shack.
At the gym again. See!

Sinner or Saint?

In a scene from the afternoon soap Sinner or Saint on GMA, shirtless gravediggers Dennis Trillo and Vivo Ouano ham it up for the camera, flexing and primping in sweaty splendor. This could very well be the last appearance of Vivo on tv – for now – after his recent run-in with the law in the real world. Of course, Dennis is still scot-free as no physical or psychological abuse has yet been filed against him.

En Vivo

The good news is that our favorite Starstruck alum and sexy-hunk-in-the-offing Vivo Ouano won’t be in the sidelines for long. He’s doing projects pretty soon for GMA, as he’s busy preparing in acting workshops and gym sessions most recently. A stint with Bench Body is not too far-fetched either. Finally, he’s taking the showbiz plunge.

Jumping Ship

Now that GMA-7 has decided to concentrate its creative juices on the homely and unmanly Starstruck alum of late [think fireballs and go-getters], two of the reality search’s better-looking graduates are reportedly moving to other channels for better opportunities.

The 2007 winner Mart Escudero has been cast in a TV5 show. After winning the major prize [along with Aljur] in the reality show, Mart has been given mere bit player parts in the station’s shows. His announced transfer to TV5 is expected to up his street cred.

On the other hand, the 2006 edition’s most promising eliminee Vivo Ouano is also – to all appearances – moving to another station. Now that he has taken a new manager, his career’s expected to do a 360° upswing this year, after being sidetracked for quite some time. Watch out for this cute guy!


I’ll keep it simple. This is a survey. Type in the comments page the names of boys that you would like to see featured in an X-RAY-type magazine a la Mike Tan or Prince Stefan. I’ll gather the most number of nominations by the weekend, put the top 15 or 20 in a poll box in the site and you can vote for 10 days for your best bet. Who knows, your favorite boy might just appear in a racy, risqué magazine pretty soon? I’ll start – I want these two 20-year-olds and Starstruck alum to pose sexy for a mag: Vivo Ouano [left] and Mart Escudero.


Cute guy Vivo Ouano is preparing. He is developing his bod for next year’s Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine list of sizzling bachelors. Although he was one of the hot new bachelors last year, he wants to be on the top ten centerfolds list in 2010. Which probably means he will have to wear jockeys or just some scent. I’m looking forward to this, of course. That cute schoolboy look with a naughty smile never fails to charm.

In Vivo.

Reader Barbarella again sends in the photo above and asks – How old is ex-reality show contestant and now-bit player Vivo Ouano? He’s 18 years old now, if you count the years that passed by ever since he joined GMA-7’s Starstruck as a tall and gangly [and cute!] student who listed his age at 15. But some say he is really 23 years old now. No matter what, he sure does appear cuter and sexier in the image above. I’m hoping – and I’m pretty sure you’ll join me in this one – that he’ll do one of those photo shoots similar to what his friend Mike Tan did for the 2008 X-Ray calendar. Maybe next year?

Vivo Ouano is ripe for the picking

Prolific Barbarella sent in these photos of 18-year-old Vivo Ouano, bit player and former artista search Starstruck eliminee. He’s always in support roles in GMA 7’s shows, last seen in the metal series Zaido and the hit drama Bakekang. But Vivo Ouano – who has been in the biz for more than a couple of years already, is apparently unfazed, as he is waiting for the right break to come along. And it looks like he’ll be tapped to fill in some shoes in that group, The Studs?