Quick Change

One of the more interesting and notable movies in this year’s Cinemalaya festival is Quick Change.  The PR in the festival website goes – Dorina believes she is a lady incarcerated in a male body.  She’s got herself a flourishing career, albeit in an illegal cosmetic surgery business. She is a mother figure to Hero, her eight year old nephew.  She acts as a devoted wife to Uno. Between her job and her family, Dorina feels that she is one lucky biatch. Until Uno falls in love with another transvestite.      In photo: Gino Quintana now known as Junjun [no pun intended] Quintana who did full frontal nudity in the movie.

[Not So] Vintage Sunday

In the olden days of Bench Body, the chunky-hunky male models dominated the underclothing landscape. One of them was Rob Duat, a Filipino-American pro basketball player  who once played for the Alaska Aces and Petron Blaze. The 6’3″-tall hunk also gamely posed for the underwear company in his jockeys and for Cosmopolitan [Phils] showing half his buttocks.

Foreign Flavor

Here’s more of former SM Department Store model-with-huge-testicles Diego Furoni. The 6′-tall and handsome Brazilian model has done numerous runway shows in Manila.   He’s currently in Asia, after his New York modeling stint for the past couple of years.

Killer Abs

You’ve seen him in countless billboards and ads for SM Department Store before. Fully clothed, of course. Now, get to examine closely Spanish-Moroccan model Abdel “Abs” Abdelkader, as he flaunts his wares – eight-pack abs, killer legs and the plat de resistance VPL! All in grandpa’s underpants. Hawt!

Brazilian In Our Midst

There is another sexy Brazilian model in town, quietly strutting his stuff in the runways and posing for fashion editorials in magazines. His name’s Luciano Ahrenfeld and he stands 6′-tall. Luciano was last seen at the recent Bench Body show in the Philippine Fashion Week series.

In Town. Again.

Brazilian model Luciano Stranghetti hopped into town most recently to show us how it is done. Pointing the penis in the downward direction for underwear modelling. Plus, he had a gala show for Avon Philippines where he is the resident and catalog model for its men’s line.

Tang Surprise

So how about this? Eurasian model David Tang channeling moody and dark a la vampire. Of course, he’s in this tight pair of briefs and we seem to get a VPL vibe again. David used to model for the Teens Wear Department of the SM Department Store.


From the mail, we got this. He looks a bit like GMA’s resident hunk Jan Michael Tan a.k.a. Mike Tan, don’t you think so? In any case, he’s our  regulation bikini post for the day. Name’s Myles John Soriano and he’s doing the rounds of the bikini open circuit this summer. See, he won Mr. Summer Bodies 2013 from god-knows-where!


The best body in last year’s Century Tuna Superbods contest [won by Mr. Spainhour] belonged to King Alcarion. Unfortunately, he was also hands down the runaway winner in the Cosmetically Different Department of said competition.  Which brings me to the question: which do you prefer – a lean and mean bod or a pretty mug?

David’s VPL

Because it’s summer and it’s hot, hot, hot, and people wear small things, airy things, anything to keep them cool under the sun, it is perfectly fine if we see lots of skin exposed. Like David Tang, in bikinis [or are those underwear?] and we’re not really offended. Really. 
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