From the mail: candid and loving every VPL-minute of it! This is, of course, model-of-the-moment June Macasaet in his tighty whities on the runway.  Now we can, uh, discern, just a little bit, what made him win in that international competition for hunky guys!


Before he gets his fifteen minutes of fame in ABS-CBN via an express pass in the station’s reality shows, Mark Angelo Lopez was an innocent Bulacan lad who wanted to make it huge in the big city. After winning Mr. Bulacan a couple of years ago, he trekked to the metro to do the bikini open circuit. Photo above shows his form. Now, he’s landing good projects, thanks to a manager with excellent connections in the biz.


Maybe he’s a grower, this Vince Ferraren top model guy. I would like to believe so, considering he is 6’2″ tall and handsome in some ways with a hot body to boot. It would be such a shame if he somewhat  falls far short of, uh, our expectations. Really.


While we’re on the topic of VPL, it‘s there somewhere in these photos. It must be soft. Shying away from the camera. Or the cold glare of the people in the studio. But Emmanuel Mago, ex-Mr. World Philippines and fashion model is one hot moreno, if you ask me.


To those asking incessantly, VPL means Visible Penis Line. I’m thinking of doing some posts on VPL once in a while. Or maybe once a week. Old or new pics. Like this one on little boy Hiro. I just remembered I had this photo of this cute moreno upon passing by this billboard near the international airport. Hiro was up in the air, all smiles. He’s really going places now. It’s a good thing he did those sexy bikini stuff way back when he was a total unknown.
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