Summer Dads

Sometimes, men of a certain age trump boys with raging hormones. The “sometimes” came in the fine form of Wendell Ramos, who went to the beach and well, showed off his fab form.

His good friend, Antonio Aquitania also gave off that DILF vibe.

Surfer and businessman Luke Landrigan is always clothes-challenged.

Do you remember Paolo Paraiso, who’s mooning us now?

The new sexy

WendellRamosActor and erstwhile Bench Body butt-baring endorser Wendell Ramos has come full circle. I mean, he has come aRound. With his career. As social media is abuzz with the latest body trend for guys – the dadbod (fleshy bodies), Wendell’s thrust into the limelight as the unwilling posterboy of the showbiz dadbod. Maybe he can do Bench Body once again? Pretty please, with butt floss and cheeks?


On the occasion of Bench Body‘s biennial underwear extravaganza [tonight and tomorrow], where all the bulges come out to play, I remember, too, the best buttocks that went on display in the past shows. From left, there’s fat-bottomed boy Wendell Ramos, who never fails to expose those plump cheeks every other year. One year, hunky model Andrew Wolff went out in his thongs and the coliseum went wild. And then there’s boyish Brent Javier, who’s quite daring, too, in the early years of the fleshfest of Bench. Lastly, original Bench hunk Jon Hall had to show off his sexy brown buttocks in the show.


Today is the go-see for the biennial Bench Body underwear show in September. Models and wannabes from all over the country will troop to the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel to audition for the two-night show. The show’s a virtual fleshfest, with guys in their raciest and raunchiest selves. What were your favorite moments in the history of the underwear show? I have some list below:

Bruce showing his pubes and his shaft – well, almost.

Wendell‘s biennial buttfest.

– nekkid on stage.

Rafa‘s near-frontal, I swear he could’ve done it.

Jakey‘s butt floss episode.

And one more, from the recent show.

Kick Buttowski

And there he goes again! Thirty-one-year-old actor Wendell Ramos first floored [and scandalized] the Araneta Coliseum audience at the Bench Fever show in 2006 when he appeared on stage with a clenched butt [left photo]. At the Bench Blackout fleshfest in 2008, he played coy and just wore tiny briefs sans rump exposure. Recently, at the Bench Uncut extravaganza, he wore a strand of underwear again, revealing a plump posterior. Of course, he got the most bluster and boom from the crowd that night.

Wendell Still Hot

Bench Body model and actor Wendell Ramos [right] returns to prime time as a leading man via the soap Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit of GMA-7’s Sine Novela series. It’s a re-working of the 80s movie of the same title, about a woman who aims for the sky and loses everything in the process. Wendell Ramos plays the male lead, a rich party boy who eventually goes broke and turns to modeling and, uh, prostitution. Photo above is one of the scenes from the series where he does Bench shorts in a fashion show with young model Lem Pelayo.

Oi, Lemuelle!

Oi! Model boy! So, you are now on tv eh? Good for you. I know it has always been your dream to be on the telly – famous and all. After all, you are cute and tall and a male model with confidence. So what’s this tv series you are doing again? Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit. A re-doing of the 1980s movie about a social climbing woman. I heard the male lead’s a society boy-turned-destitute-guy, who resorts to escort services. That’s Wendell Ramos. And I’m guessing this is the scene where you guys do some ramp modeling as a front for the escort services. Nice one! Good luck in your career, Lemuelle. I mean it.