Plain Ale Machining

It’s not yet Throwback but what the heck, here’s some boy who showed his all some time back, when the world was slanted towards the good side. Enjoy your week ahead! (more…)

Tuesday Stiffy

Jaw Air His Okra


Mirror, mirror on the grimy wall, who’s the no. 1 famewhore of the year? These ones provided the sidebar entertainment, as they’re not really of the celebrity kind. More like social media discoveries, talked about and re-posted on Twitter and sometimes on Facebook. These are the raciest boys of the year:

GNOC:  Ranked 4th in the hierarchy of famewhoring this year. He’s the tamest. No sex video yet.

IWSN: This guy likes posting about his sexual conquests. Oft times, he goes Live on FB *gasp!

CU46: A very close second, he does it for money, as he performs all too well in front of the camera.

THOT: No one beats this one. He posts photos and videos of his nekkid self almost every fuckin’ day. He spews bile, too, and that puts him on top (or bottom, whatever).


Reader acethonz sent in this one. It’s called Jhong Hilario Penis Scandal Instagram. Sounds good to me.


Can anyone ID this guy? Despite the tacky underwear, he pulled off his runway job quite well with the lean bod and boyish good looks.  The VPL helped, of course. No one knows his name. Does anyone recognize him, the cute boy-model?


So I get all these emails with requests and what-nots. Once in a while, some photos. This is one of them full-nekkid amateur shots: the usual cell phone picture in front of the bathroom mirror! And this guy looks cute and familiar. Like some actor or singer thrice rejected in American Idol or something.  Whois?