Beach Boys

My only wish these days – with the flooding of my Timeline with countless Boracay photos of friends and random strangers [e.g. Boracay day 1, day 2, day 35, ugh], is this: more good-looking, hunky boys in dem pictures in the bestest beach in the world! Just like images of Victor Basa [leftmost], Will Devaughn [middle] or Derek Ramsay, shirtless and primping and flexing under the sun. Well, a smattering of bikini boys would be a welcome sight, too.


These are two of the lead actors in the new digital movie Pendong by Oxin Films under director Sean Lim. Top photo is Felix Roco [formerly of The Studs] who’s getting plum roles in indie flicks recently. And then there’s model-actor Will Devaughn [formerly of the Coverboys], who is venturing into serious acting this time on the big screen. Pendong, which is a road-trip movie involving hundreds of beautiful VW Beetle cars, will be shown starting 25 June 2010 in SM Digital Cinemas.

Will Devaughn Bared

These are the actual photos of actor-model Will Devaughn for the Jag Jeans billboards and posters released for the Philippine Fashion Week.  Top photo shows Will fastened and hoisted by a rope and some chains in a room. The billboard showed Will hanging in chains from a tower. The lower photo, on the hand, was used for the Black Magic Denim Show poster. Both pictures just show how sexy this 26-year-old multi-racial [German, Filipino, African-American] hottie is.

Will power

Before Will Devaughn got famous, he used to live near my place – at one of those fancy condos along an exhaust-fumed commercial street.  On some nights, very late nights, I would see him walking along that busy stretch under the dim glare of the streetlights, in that signature shoulder slouch.  I would sometimes think that maybe he works for a call center as some consultant, as he had an ID tag with a BPO logo.  I thought he took on a normal job with normal pay until he suddenly appeared on Big Brother tv.  Things were not that normal ever since and Will Devaughn is now more popular.  Too, he is no longer my neighbor.


It’s Will Devaughn, Derek Ramsay and baller Chris Tiu, for an oatmeal commercial [Nesvita Oatmeal 3-in-1]. I’m not so sure how they came up with the casting, but I’m guessing it’s the tall, handsome and .. there’s a dark one, a mestizo, and a chinito, all with good genes and backgrounds.  Nevertheless, although the tv commercial came out last summer and we only had fleeting images of the guys in the beach, here are photos of the three hunks together for a lasting impression. 

Coverboys discovered

At the finale of the concert of ABS-CBN’s Sunday noontime teasers called Coverboys, the boys did a mean striptease much to the delight of the people watching the show that night.  From left: Victor Basa, Will Devaughn, Rafael Rosell and Zanjoe Marudo wore unflattering boxer shorts, Jake Cuenca went out in sexy grandfather skivvies with a happy face on the crotch, Jon Mullally in white shorts too, and Marvin Wijangco and Haroun Morales wore tight Bench briefs.  Who’s the sexiest in the bunch?

Will Devaughn, Big Brother winner

Tonight will be the grand night of the Big Brother: Celebrity 2 edition, where William Devaughn Stumpf, better known as Will Devaughn is one of the Big Four finalists. The 25-year-old multi-racial [German, Filipino, African-American] male model is the only good-looking guy left in the Big Brother house, and, he’s got the queer and girl votes. Will is supporting the Brave Kids Foundation [a charity for kids with cancer], which stands to benefit from the big payout in case he wins tonight’s grand reveal.