Will Lord

When I first posted Willord Tacay‘s picture here, the one thing you guys noticed was the matter of his pits – how white his underarms were. Now, he’s one of the contestants in the annual competition of boys from the provinces in gauzy underwear otherwise known as Ginoong Pilipinas. Will Willord lord it over the competition on 26 May 2010 at the national finals in Metro Bar along West Avenue, Quezon City? Catch Willord on that day in tiny underwear. There will also be a pre-pageant tomorrow 23 May 2010 at Music Avenue in that dark area near the Central Market in Manila.


The guy with the hairless pits is Willord Tacay, a 20-year-old hopeful from Baguio City. He’s a regular contestant in Baguio’s male personality contests, plus he gets to go around the region’s town fiestas for the bikini contests. Now, he’s in Manila to try his luck. With a fresh face and finely sculpted bod like that, I’m pretty sure Willord will go far in the scene.