A Fit Man

Real man Xian Lim is keeping it hot and toasty today with his fitness photos. It has been a while since we featured him, and these sweaty shirtless photos are priceless.  He may not be that visible and popular these days, owing to the onslaught of younger hunky dudes, but Mr. Lim still has the goods (and pecs) to show in fickle showbiz.

Xian Candid


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Sometimes we have to skip the goody-two-shoes Daniel Velascos in our posts, and well, feature the asshats and assclowns in show biz on occasion. Today’s feature somehow proves that once in a while douchebaggery breeds beauty. Xian Lim, known for his tactfulness and refinement, appears in these candid photos for Garage magazine’s anniversary issue this month. No?

xian1 xian2 xian3

Perhaps you’ll like nearly-nekkid bikini open veteran John Abril who styles himself these days as Xian Pascual. He does have this resemblance with the real one, like this one’s Xian from Skid Row.

Lim + Tan

XIan LimLo and behold! It’s Xian Lim shirtless! It is one of those rare occasions when the actor takes off his shirt for a shoot, ever since he hit the popularity jackpot in showbiz. While he may be getting all the Douchebag and Asshat Awards lately, it doesn’t mean I can’t call him hot this time. Today, in this pic.

MikeTanThere’s actually no connection or similarity with Xian (or maybe you can surmise). I just want to post him here again.  Of course, you’ve seen Mike Tan in various underwear photos before. This time he’s in a different pair of tight boxer briefs and peculiar pose, so he deserves another feature.


Does Xian Lim have a nice body?  That’s his latest promo pic for his new endorsement, Avon.

Wet Xian

Wet puppy. Isn’t he cute? Arguably the hottest property of ABS-CBN right now, actor and singer Xian Lim is riding high on the wave of popularity. His commercial endorsements are piling up, plus projects on tv and movies are in the pipeline. Now, if only he’ll go sexy for the magazines again….

New Guy

Move over Piolo, Century Tuna is letting Xian Lim take the helm of its Bangus line of products! There’s no stopping this 23-year-old singer and actor as he piles on the major endorsements for the top brands. With big projects lined up his way, too, in his home studio, there’s no disputing the fact that he could be the next Piolo. You know.

Xian Rising

One of the young actors to watch out for in 2012 is Xian Lim. After his take on countless supporting roles in his home studio, Xian’s slowly getting the bigger projects as a lead actor. Thanks to his star turn in the ABS-CBN prime time show My Binondo Girl, the 22-year-old cutie is now more popular than ever. I think.

Tough Jeans

It’s nice to see some styling that toughens up a man in odd clothes. Take for example Xian Lim [left] and Sam Milby. Formerly sissy-looking and effeminate boys, now they’re sporting a bit of the scruffy rugged handsome look, just enough for that manly hotness.


I nearly forgot to put in this image of Xian Lim as one of the top ten naughty and raunchy guys of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine this year. The baller-actor is making giant leaps and strides in ABS-CBN despite the fact that he just came on board a year ago. Xian – who is 19 years old and a [former?] management student of the University of the East – was one of the 69 “hot new bachelors of 2008” for Cosmo mag, prior to landing in the top ten this year. He can be seen regularly in the weekly drama series Katorse.

Xian Angel

Here’s angelic Xian Lim shirtless and oh-so-cute! The sexy 19-year-old actor is busy with shows in his home studio – ABS-CBN.  Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Xian came to the Philippines to study. He’s on a Management course at the University of the East [UE], where he also played for the varsity team – the UE Red Warriors.  While playing hoops for his school, he got discovered by talent agents for tv commercials until he made his acting debut in ABS-CBN. Xian is juggling school and showbiz at the same time, and he says he’s managing it. Reportedly, he’ll be a VJ soon for a music channel. 
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