I have been sleeping under a pink rock lately, I missed the Anthony and Alexander show. Rather, controversy. The boys figured in a border conflict, mainly Tony (and Alex chimed in) thrusting his weight (and abs) around. Apparently, immigration officers did not take it too well and Tony is now in hot water. If they get deported, we’ll be missing those gorgeous bodies. And then again, character trumps physical beauty, right?

Bursting Forth

diegoIt’s young Diego Loyzaga‘s turn for the pumping and primping in front of the cameras! The 21-year-old up-and-coming actor is seriously bulking up for all the adult roles coming his way. Maybe it’s for an underwear shoot, too, for Bench Body, which could be wishful thinking. Or maybe not.

The red bikini


Dave Franco is one of the favorite barely-legal objects of visual adoration in this site. We’ve always advocated diversity in our posts – from models and wannabes down to the boys of the bikini joints. Nineteen-year-old Dave teeters between these classes, most of the time in his tiny ‘kinis and thongs. He’s a nice chap and just plain hot!

Boys Aloud!

ruruWe’re always on the lookout for fresh young meat talents, of the cutesy-handsome variety. Ruru Madrid is one of dem up and coming actors who are ringing the popularity bell this early.  It helps that he’s getting hotter, too, with that bangin’ bod. A bit more polishing and he’s good to go!


Somehow, Enrique Gil is our forever twink. The 24-year-old actor has not yet emerged from his baby fat, and that boy-man halo is still there. While I am not a big fan of youngsters trying to be sexy on screen, Enrique would be the exception to that rule as he’s charming and  cute in more ways than one.


DSCF20191The past few days, I’ve been doing my damnedest to avoid the usual posts on controversial and salacious photos. I want some respite from reckless posts, maybe. And then again, once in a while I get naked presents in the mail. You may argue the merits of Photoshop Lightroom in this instance – and in the process experience either discomfort or sheer delight.

The next big thing


Hell yeah! It’s young hunky actor Derrick Monasterio, shirtless and candid. The next big thing – fresh, good looking and fit as a fiddle – Derrick is the brightest hope of GMA-7 for leading manhood. Next year, he’s finally doing Bench Body underwear. That is something to look forward to!

The Youngins

MikkoPatLeave the nudies to the sideposts, for today we are having up-and-coming models of the boy-next-door variety. The tattooed one is 21-year-old Mikko Marcelo, while the other one is 20-year Patrik Franksson. Mikko is a Marketing Management junior at the Enderun Colleges, while Patrik is a football player for Laos FC. Everyone looks better when they’re younger. And wearing nothing but green shorts and undies.

Great assets

rhedz 4

What gay male doesn’t enjoy a guy’s hot sexy ass? (more…)

A new one

PatrickPatrick Magtanong reminds me of that kid next door, cute while growing up and got sexy when he reached senior high school. The 21-year-old Floridablanca, Pampanga native is a newbie in modelling but he’s getting some good breaks lately after his exposure at the Bodyshots modelling contest earlier this year.



Remember Derrick Monasterio? Earlier in the year, he showed a lot of promise in the GMA backlot. Now, he’s doing some second-guessing on what project the network will offer him pretty soon. Will it be a role worthy of leading-man status? Or will he still do supporting roles [with more shirtless and sexy scenes, though]?

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