New Hataw Candidates

No. 2 Jayson Cruz, No. 3 Aries Miranda, No. 4 Christian Sarabia

No. 5 John Mark Carlos, No. 6 Mike Hilton, No. 9 Jayson Parker, No. 17 Zandro Vasquez

Tomorrow, 6 September 2011 [Tuesday] at 8:00 p.m. head over to the Metro Concert Bar in West Ave., Quezon City and watch the grand finale of the biggest, all-weather bikini contest in town, Hataw Superbodies. If you noticed in the post, there are new candidates – replacements to the ones who had to drop out of the competition for personal reasons [e.g. appendicitis and falling ill, school exams and dead relatives]. Just the same, the new ones are cute and hot. Find out who wins the contest tomorrow night. For ticket inquiries, call 710.0352 or 0921.549 8931.