Ten Years

The years make a man. In Zeus Collins’s case, a better-looking chunk of man-meat! Since we’re in the #10yearschallenge bit, these photos of Zeus show how far he’s come from a two-bit dancer to a big-time showboy. He’s really getting sexier through the years, don’t you think so?

Bein’ Green

For throwback, we have a serving of Zeus Arellano, who once tried for BenchBody underwear before hitting it (relatively) big as a lead endorser for rival Folded & Hung. Frankly, I can only go as far as his BenchBody days, and I do not know much where he really came from. Actually. I’m crowdsourcing. You may enter reliable info in the comments below.

Full body shots

The gods of sexy are endorsing the local brands this summer! Zeus (the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods) Collins is standing in for the Folded and Hung collection this hot, hot season. He may not be donning the underwear brand a la Hideo Muraoka of years past but he’s surely rockin’ the small shorts shirtless!

Of course, you’ve heard of Pietro Boselli for Bench Body underwear. His bulge is all over the malls and Bench stores in the country. The world’s hottest maths teacher maybe overexposed but I don’t mind a second serving of him in Bench Body undies any time!

Pop and cock



Dancer Zeus Collins has been featured here in various states of semi-nakedness. He’s been teasin’ and pleasin’ for the past couple of years. Anyone who can do that mean b-boying energy is a hotshot in my book. All that baring and daring is, of course, a welcome sweet treat.

Here comes the boom

Zeus026 Zeus028Sometimes it’s not enough to have a pretty little face and a nice build.  Zeus Collins‘s expertise is dancing, and he’s a mean bump-and-grinding, teasing machine. There’s always something extraordinary when sexiness is matched by such talent, especially if he’s dancing in his skivvies.

Zeus in the house!


He’s always featured here but how can we omit another Zeus Collins post, especially now that he’s part of the Big Brother show in ABS-CBN? So before he gets too popular and his managers disallow him to wear underthings in photo shoots (that’s how it goes here in the gawd forsaken place called showbiz Manila), here’s a couple of images of our favoritest bump and grinding, pop and locking sweetheart in *gasp* underwear! You’re welcome.

Zeus releases the kraken

Zeus2 copySooner or later, it was bound to happen: the prominent underwear brand getting the services of our favorite go-to boy for steamy photos. That’s Bench Body putting the pop-and-lock body of new style dancer Zeus Collins in dem gauzy, flimsy pair of boxer briefs, as if in a dream.  Now, bring put on the g-strings, thongs and jockstraps, Mr. Collins!

Pit lovin’

Zeus349Oh don’t mind me. It’s just one of my favorite hunks. Again. Nothing fascinates me more than a sexy hunk, i.e. a physically attractive man with a well-developed physique, showing off his dance moves. That would have to be, uh, electric.  Whether it’s the bulge or the perfect bod, Zeus Collins delivers on all fronts. Pits, too.

Diego copyYouth! I can enumerate all the prurient things I want to do with these young men, but that would be too much. Twenty-year-old Diego Loyzaga , for example, is simply inviting in this pose, he doesn’t even have to take his shirt and pants off. Well, of course, I might wish he’ll do some stripping soon, but for now, I am happy looking at those fine little hairs on his young bod.

Sex object

zeus1 zeus2I just love using that term/phrase these days: sex object. In a good way, of course. I’m pretty sure Zeus Arellano a.k.a. God of the Dancefloor wouldn’t mind. He’s my object of fantasy, dream boy, kink kick, at the moment.  With his good looks and hot body, Mr. Z is surely raking in admirers who only have wild and prurient fantasies of this guy. Of course, it helps that rumors abound on his legendary large member.


DSC06343 copyHot, hot, hot! Dancer Zeus Collins is wet in the shade, away from the summer sun. And although the heat’s turned up high, sexy Zeus is still solid and stiff, er, stable in midday fun. With the sexy mien and well-sculpted bod [plus a scandalous swelling!], he’s all I need for my dog days ahead.

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