Vintage Sunday

This shot of actor Zoren Legaspi was taken twenty years ago when he was just an 18-year-old teen fresh off the boat, uh, plane from Chicago where his family had stayed for quite some time. The tall, handsome and lanky teen was immediately signed for a sexy role in a teen movie, and the first order of the day was for him to don wet and white speedos. He still looks good today.

Seventeen years ago….

Zoren Legaspi looked like this, in a promotional shoot for his teen movie Island of Desire, with scorned-wife-of-the-moment Ruffa Gutierrez. Zoren is now married with kids and happily working still as an actor. Too, he is currently the director of Fantastic Man on GMA 7. Zoren, who took a crash course in filmmaking under the renowned director Peque Gallaga in Bacolod City, explains his career shift: “Directing has always been my passion. I’ve been wanting to be a director for eight years now, I think now is the time. It started back in the States where my family lived for about five years. I was 15 then and we had a videography business called Father & Sons because it was ours, my father’s and my brothers’. I remember I had a grand time manning the business because you know naman how big the Filipino community is in Chicago. I was really the one tasked with shooting weddings, baptismal up to editing materials.”