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Full Potential: Christian de la Cruz

Twenty-three year old Christian de la Cruz is a 6’3″-tall upcoming model from Ilocos Norte. He was last seen as one of the contestants in the Mister Philippines 2007 contest held a few months back. He is a student of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the ICCT Colleges, the computer school in the province of Rizal.
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  1. he looks like a man hiding lots of skeletons in the closet…. I smell something fishy….hahahaha meaning “malansa”… Why not feature TYRON PEREZ wearing skimpy briefs or wearing nothing at all…

  2. THIS GUY HAS POTENTIALS …a diamond in the rough. he has the unaverage pinoy height and a bone structure (i.e. his pecs) that could be developed into a hunky torso. his facial features are (2nd foto) superb and exceptional. like rough diamonds all they are shaping, buffing, polishing and the price for sure goes UP UP AND AWAY! *****

  3. baklang bakla naman ang christian na yan ha rd wa ka talaga ka taste taste sa mga fini feature mo dito! hay naku .kung di hubadero baklita, kung di baklita paminta ! ano ba yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

  4. sana ipost mo ulit si christian dela cruz. i saw him in a fashion show and he captured my attention (bulge thing) during the show in smx.more pictures to jobo roa,ram sagad. tnx rd…

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