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Day Break

Okay, lay off on the dick pic first, guys.  Next one’s next week, or a month from now. And besides,  the Dow gained more than 400 points, so there’s a glimmer of hope out there.  Enough of the naked guy first.  For today, here’s Coco Martin [standing, back to the camera] and Paolo Rivera from the movie Daybreak, which will soon be doing the rounds of the international film festivals.  
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  1. Coco Martin is one of my faves. The love scenes in this movie was so real and no pretensions. I have finally seen Coco’s erect penis at the movie Serbis shown in New York. He did not disappoint mga sis!! It was huge and thick!! I wish I could freeze that scene!

  2. to anonymous 10/21/08 12:49PM

    you missed the showing during the ny film festival. it was shown on the last day of the festival at the ziegfield theater on october 12 at 5:15 in the afternoon.

  3. I don’t think it’s available anywhere in the net at the moment, maybe you can wait for the dvd, the big question is if that scene will be included. Kristoffer King displayed his schlong and was fellatioed too. I watched it during the New York Film Festival Oct 12 at Ziegfeld Theatre, unfortunately for you, it was one screening only. The theater was packed but I did not know if they liked the movie, personally, I did not.

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