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Last night, I met a casting agent – not the garden variety caster but the one who herds them young men off to bikini shows and contests in metro bars. He was saying that the average talent fee for the “models” would be around Php 1000-1500 per night, which is a paltry sum considering that the boys would usually go on stage wearing skimpy and cobwebby bikinis to a delightful crowd. Their talent fee, the caster says, is not their actual take-home pay as the boys’ managers would sometimes take off as much as 50 per cent of that sum. When asked why the boys bravely put up with such show considering the small fee, caster readily answered that the boys and managers just wanted “exposure.” I nearly burst out laughing.

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  1. di na naman lumabas pix ng chek ko blog????? bakit kaya????? sayang!!!!may problema kaya ang aking pc o connection??? nangyari na ito sa pix supposedly ng calendar boys at dun kay racel???yung karamihan pix naman naviview ko???

  2. There should be a public place where people have a reason to strut half naked like a beach or a lagoon. Brisbane the city does not have a beach so the made a fake one at South Bank. Same with Cairns. But then, we can’t really put one along Pasig yet.

  3. RD, don’t burst out laughing. They really want “exposure” even if only to the small group present that night. I was told that the “models” go for as low as P300 each in a private party. Parang hindi kapani-paniwala, pero naintindihan ko nang maka-attend ako ng isang “party.” Hindi sa isang club o bar kundi sa isang magarang residential house. Siguro mga 20 to 30 guys yung nandun, mga tipong well-earning professionals. May maingay sa mga bisita, may demure, may civil, halos lahat paminta. Okay, it’s a contest, and the best-looking won the top three prizes (tipong P1,000 lang) altbough maraming minor prizes (smaller cash) parang sa regular beauty contests. Merong nag-insert ng P100, P500, o P1,000 bills sa briefs ng “models.” Despite these “insertions,” most of the guys still take home a paltry sum. Pero… here is the catch. dahil nga puro bading ang nandun, na naghingian na ng contact number, at pag tinawagan na the following day or days, magugulat ka sa rates ng mga contestants. May tinawagan me, hindi raw siya nagpapabayad pero kailangan daw nya ng “tulong,” nagbigay ng kung anung number. Nun pala, laptap model. Yun na.

  4. Haaay, okey na sana siya. Kaya lang yung mga bading nilagyan pa siya ng colorful sleeve na parang ninakaw kay Carmen Miranda o kaya sa isang Tropicana revue chorus girl. Bakit kasi pinipilit ng mga ateng na gawing bading din ang mga model na ito. Pinaglalaruan sila. Pero interesado ko sa guy ha.

  5. What are “private parties”? Do these private fashion show competitions really happen in Manila? Sounds like something cool for a movie. I am really intersted. How can I get invited? Thanks.

  6. “Do these private fashion show competitions really happen in Manila?” (December 2, 2007 1:55 AM) I think they are the wave of the future. Unless magmartial law at ang mamumuno ay sina Manoling Morato at Etta Mendez at ang mga religious bigots, who will barge in with the police and round up the boys (remember sa mga prosti dens, it is the female merchandise who are hauled to the precincts and are shown on TV or in the papers covering their faces with their hands). Boys competing in private “contests” make the gay heart pump faster, but it is not a pretty picture. Syempre hindi lahat ng guests refined and polite. It’s a party, remember. And some are drunk. So jokes could go out of bounds and the boys just smile and take the money when they are subjected to indignities and ridicule. I think there is nothing illegal here, so long as everyone is of age. Maybe some gay lawyer can enlighten us on the legal aspects here, please? And yes, Ian, they need a manager who is “some kind of sleazy pimp.” Because somebody has to have the contacts and haul them in one place. You have to be in the right “sorority” to get an invitation to these affairs. As a rule, hindi gaano welcome ang mga screaming queens, although pag lasheng na mga ateng, they start screaming.

  7. civil liberties is not my practice but i believe i can enlighten you on some legality issues of your comments…
    not long ago there was a case up in the supreme court of a country (not phils) against an operator of a club where sexual activities were happening. the SC ruled that such activities as long as they are private membership fee clubs, verbal warning and signs posted on doorways on the nature of business, consensual and consenting adults only and adherance to local by-laws, then such clubs would be allowed to exist(abridged interpretation)
    …the same nite the operators of such clubs flung its doors wide to welcome back its members and other entrepreneurs including gay business oriented, soon followed…today these clubs would feature a circus of sexual activities (visual or participatory) one would read in sex manuals or the joy of sex (gay) books. surprisingly there is no report of a deluge in membership. but the fact is it is there if you need and want it… and it’s LEGAL.

  8. i heard that this is the model’s first competition he joined, na-exploit agad ng kanyang manager for a measly amount of P300. Kawawang bata.

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