Boy for Rent

This post is going relatively viral, so I might as well re-post it for you lonely, wayward readers.

If it’s true (which isn’t because it was all made in jest), then we’re in for some real fun. Isn’t he a cutie? Should I have known him? After a quick search, he’s a former Mr. Chinatown contestant. Although Mr. Ching didn’t get the top plum, he has a lot of followers in his social media accounts.

If you’re not yet convinced with how adorable this kid is, here are two photos of Mr. Ching drinking his warm milk ( or chai). He had me at used, old Hanes. Tee-hee.

50 thoughts on “Boy for Rent”

  1. Joke lang daw po to. Dare lng ng barkadahan nila according to his FB. He quoted na di daw sya pupunta sa get together sa trinoma.not sure what he mean

  2. Kung sana si Dom Roque willing ako magbayad no! Sana nga mag advertise si DOM syet na syet! That would be the day!

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