Model: Butch Bravo, dancer
Jim McBride, more popularly known as Mr. Skin of the hugely popular site mrskin.com, recently re-stated the simple rule that, “If you don’t want pictures of yourself naked out on the Internet, don’t take pictures of yourself naked.” Or better yet, don’t allow yourself to be photographed butt-naked. Because the more advanced technology gets, the less privacy anyone has. But no one cares unless you are famous, though.

9 thoughts on “Exposure”

  1. YES VIRGINIA, THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS…you wish for more stiff pinoy dicks, voila you got it. a dick-a-day before christmas, WOW that is 41 dicks-a-drippin’… HOE, HOE, HOE…

  2. Dick-a-day nga ba? Wow! Sige, sige. I’ll stay tuned.

    Tama si RDD sa sinabi niya na if you don’t want to show your privates or your private acts made public through the internet, don’t photograph or videotape them. Simple lang. Kaya kung may mga celebrities na nasa video scandal, kagustuhan na rin nila yan. Huwag silang magmumuwang-muwangan.

  3. foundation day vah?!

    sumobra ang foundation sa fez, dapat nilagay ang ibang foundation sa nota par pumuti naman ng kaunti

  4. Tama si Cheesy Max. Kundi siya makeup artist, now is the time to be one. And I don’t mean this to be derogatory.

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