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The Forgotten Provoq Guy

Dennis McIrvin showed a lot of potential then as a member of the Men of Provoq. However, for reasons unknown, he left the group hastily and retreated to the foreground. Dennis McIrvin started out as one of the finalists in the 2004 MTV Fashionista Model Search with fellow candidates Victor Basa, Rocky Salumbides, Don Mendoza, John Daryl Rose, and Alec van Dierendonck. At the Kouros 2006 Male Model Search, he was also one of the contestants, and unfortunately he didn’t get the top prize. His next appearance was as member of the Provoq group. Too bad, the mestizo hunk is nowhere in sight these days.
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  1. Siya pinaka love ko sa mga Provoq dati. Gwapo matangkad. Dinig ko nag abroad na sya to seek greener oastures. Sayang naman si JUNJUN

  2. well,i think he’s in bacolod right now & his parents just got back in each others arm. i think they’ll be leaving for the US soon.

  3. Leaving for the US??! What!

    Fave ko siya dahil sa bulbol nya. Hairy hot guys look macho and more masculine than shaved guys. Shaved guys look like those in QAF, in short, they Shaved guys look more gay.

    cry cry nalang. Ang sarap sarap nya eh.

  4. i saw him here in manila but he doesn’t have the “IT” body anymore.he’s thinner & he looks older. i hope junjun will regain his old looks.he’s still my favorite you jun!

  5. he’s definitely in manila now. somewhere in makati. Sabi nya tatay na raw siya. hehehhe junjun biro lan ha. kaw kaya nagsabi ng ganun. mabait yung mga mcrivin brothers. tama ba joseph? hehehhe.

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