Fresh Face: Dennis Recto

Twenty-two-year-old Dennis Recto appeared in the stripteaser movie Twilight Dancers as one of the, uh, dancers. The fresh-faced newbie was also one of the dozen male leads in the musical-play Ilusyonada staged three years ago at the Metro Concert Bar in Quezon City.

4 thoughts on “Fresh Face: Dennis Recto”

  1. he is the latest” toy boy ” of DOLLY ANN CARVAJAL, according to sources even before TWILIGHT DANCER he had already an affair with DOLLY since his appearance with the latter gay son, IC in the stage play ilusyunada. siya ang pinaguusapan ngayon sa showbiz na katsuktsakan ni ms.DAC.AND TAKE NOTE; DAKILA SIYA AT DARING NA DARING YAN

  2. FINALLY, got my hand to a copy of TWILIGHT DANCERS yesterday (to complete my collection of the quad serial). i saw this movie at the festival in chicago last year. in a nutshell, found the movie a bit boring, storyline “nothing new” worth hearing. when i ran the DVD last nite, to my surprise there were 3 added extras: actors unrated auditions, extra unrated dance scenes and the usual trailer…needlesstosay, i skipped the main event and went straight to the extras. lo & behold inday, super awesome (with a capital “A”). the dance audition even include the fresh, just starting look of JOHNRON doing the macho dancer slow dance, teasing gyrating and showing a bit of his manly pubes (my very first time to see him dance!). ever narcissist & exhibitionist HAROLD MONTANO did a bold, all nude dance number. WOW!…the “unrated dance scenes” are what you see at the GB big nite events (industry norms), all original, no cuts… WHAT A TREASURE I HAVE STUMBLED UPON. worth every $$$ i spent…I ALSO NOTICED ‘PANTASYA’ WAS ON THE RACK…NEXT WEEK I WILL OWN A COPY (recession sa USA, di ba, kaya isa isa lang (LOL)… *****

  3. cradle snatcher talaga ang lola mo, mahilig sa bata! hindi kaya sila nag c share ng kanyang “daughter”? nagtatanong lang po.

  4. hoy, okrayera, zino nagzavi zau na gamithin ang namesung ko? ang kafal mo ha. tinanggal mo lang ang “de primera” ha, smart ass. inggit ka lang kay dolly ann “mukhang isda” carvajal at kinakain nya ang etits ni dennis recto gavi gavi hahaha

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